Lines App Expected Wait Times Vs. Posted Times

Posted Times are surely what Disney posts. So does “expected times” mean what we think the real wait time is at that distinct moment in time, or does it mean that is what was predicted the previous day (and so a warning sign for your plan… if it is far off from the posted times you better rethink your plan for the day?)

Posted Times are how long WDW says the queue is going to be. They typically inflate this time so ppl don’t get upset if a ride queue wait was posted at 30 minutes, but actually took 40 minutes to board.

Expected Times is how long TP says it will actually take you to board the ride. They’re typically pretty accurate.

IME - If you don’t want to use TPs for your trip, you can look at WDW’s Posted Times and subtract about 10 - 15% off and that’s probably about how long the queue is.


Thanks very much! I definitely plan to use the Lines app this trip coming up… never had it before and it seems very cool, especially now that it’s clear to me what those expected times are.

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