Lines app accurate?

Hi all,

We arrive this Tuesday (6/1). Our five days in the parks all have 4s and 5s for crowds and it looks like it will all be pretty stress-free.

I’m wondering how everyone’s experiences have been with the Lines app? I’ve used it and loved it in the past and hope to do so exclusively this time as well, but with the parks having been closed for so long I just want to check in to make sure that it’s been accurate. I don’t want to have to bother with Genie at all.


My personal (controversial) opinion is that since Covid TP is at best a guess. All of the predictive statistics traditionally used by TP are based on historical data. Since Covid, the endless changes that have been done by Disney over the past few years has resulted in no ability to develop a historical database on which to make predictions. I’m planning a 10 day trip in July, and I haven’t even looked at the crowd calendar, nor will I give a lot of weight to TP predicted wait times. I love @len and all that he and his team has done, but Disney’s (unknown to anyone but them) changes in park availability, LLs and Genie+, capacity of rides, etc. makes their job virtually impossible.

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Here’s some data on the crowd calendar’s performance in 2022. Our goal is to be +/- 1.0.

A couple of things to keep in mind:

  • We can’t predict ride downtime, which is exceptional right now, especially at HS and EP.
  • Disney’s posted wait times - the things we’re trying to predict - are themselves not accurate

Magic Kingdom

  • We’ve been within +/- 0.9 over the last week. So, on average, if we said the MK was going to be a 5, it was, on average, somewhere between 4 and 6.
  • +/- 1.2 over the last 30 days. Again, that’s about as good as can be expected.
  • +/- 1.3 over the last 90 days.
  • +/- 1.6 for all of 2022.


  • +/- 2.4 over the last week (we’ve overpredicted)
  • +/- 1.5 over the last 30 days
  • +/- 1.7 over the last 90 days and YTD

Hollywood Studios

  • +/- 1.1 over the last week (we’ve overpredicted)
  • +/- 1.4 over the last 30 days, 90 days, and YTD

Animal Kingdom

  • +/- 0.9 over the last week (we’ve overpredicted)
  • +/- 1.2 over the last 30 days
  • +/- 1.3 over the last 90 days and YTD

Thank you. We will go ahead and use it as planned and skip Genie. Your odds are better than having Disney shuffle us around to manage crowd control.


I hope you have a great time! I would love to find out how things go for without Genie+. I am hoping to avoid purchasing it for our trip in August :crossed_fingers:
We have had 2 successful trips but both were during Fastpass times.


@Chase1104 I will be sure to report back when we return!

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