Lines 2.0 Beta Testers - 10 needed

Let me know if you’d like to beta test the next version of Lines, please. We’re looking for 10 people right now, more later. iOS or Android, and we’ll send out an email with instructions this week.


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Yes! Please & Thanks! (Android)

Yes please! IOS

Yes please! Android

Sure. iOS.

Yes please- iOS

I’m on Android (also currently furloughed so have plenty time for beta testing…) :smile:

I wouldn’t mind, but won’t be at the parks until August, which means it probably isn’t helpful. Excited to see the changes though!

I have to ask- do you mainly use lines in the park?

Well…I have only had the app for one trip so far in Universal. I mostly use the website. I have tried to use the app for planning, but it isn’t nearly as easy as it is using the website.

But this trip, I hope to use both apps while in the parks. Of course, the downside is that the planning is kind of anyone’s guess right now, so it will be hard to say how useful it will end up being in the parks! But we have 9 days total for me to try it out in both apps.

I am always late to the party…sure sign me up…android user here.

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Our community is so funny. I think it is different for the liners that “chat”. I don’t know if there is an hour that I am awake that I don’t check the app. Sigh, I know how that sounds to people that don’t have that same connection.


I chat regularly but I don’t have the apps installed. I always use my web browser. I would’ve installed them for my trip (cancelled) for wait times etc. Browser is better for chat for me so that I can click on links without losing my place.

Late also, but interested. If full now, I’d be interested when you open it up to more later.
I use Android 10.

Hi Len

Not in the parks (Universal and WDW) until September - provided I can get through US border controls - coming from across the pond I hope. I can test on Android 10 (phone) and Android 5 (tablet) from outside US if before September.

iOS apps do not have that issue!


You and your posh phones…!!! :wink::rofl:


Interested! iOS

I’ll be there July 19-28 if you need an IOS user still.

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I think you’ve got enough now but happy to help in the future - iOS.