Lines 2.0 Android Version - Update?

Any update on the Android version?

@len Had previously said by the end of September? Looking forward to an update too.

Also looking for an update. I was hoping there would be a response in the comments of the last Lines 2.0 blog post since there were a few asking about it.

Also hoping for one soon. Want to get acclimated to the new setup before my trip.

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We pushed back the Android version to work on test and adjust for the iOS app, since anything we fix there will also be fixed in Android.

The current timeframe is to have it out by the second week of November.


Yeah, yeah. That’s what Disney said about PeopleMover, and then it got pushed back to end of November, and now end of December.


So what you’re really saying is, “We’ll see it January 2022”?

(I’m entirely joking here, in case my attempt at humor is falling flat.)

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I think another reason for the TTA closure is that they might need the walkway space for other, more popular lines.

Our app developer, Brad, will be testing the Android version in the parks in early November. So I’m a little more confident in those dates.


@len this timeframe still viable? Or should I just not plan on it being up before Thanksgiving?
(No malice, just like to be prepared! :grin:)

We should have something to test. Send an email to, please, telling him you’d like to test when it’s available.

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Any Updates? Would love to have new version when I go in Feb!

We’ve had some people testing the “final version” in-parks this week. It’s looking pretty good. I know yall are tired of hearing “Soon”, but this time I think it really is “Soon”. :slight_smile:

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No worries. We’re all used to much worse usage of “soon” with things like Space 220 by now. :grinning:

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