Liners Running in 2016

There hasn’t been any recent activity on the “Liners Running In Disney” – runDisney & Training Support Thread, so I figured I would start a new one for 2016 to hopefully spur some new discussions. Who out there is registered and/or training for a runDisney event?

No Disney trips on the horizon here, let alone a rather costly runDisney event, so I am focusing on local events. I have set a goal of a 22:30 5K, and a stretch goal of a 1:45:00 Half Marathon.

Otherwise, it’s New Year, New Gear for me. Santa brought me an Apple Watch, so I downloaded the Runmeter app which works nicely with the watch and iPhone. The app is very customizable so there is a little bit of a learning curve with it, but I am liking it better than Map My Run. I quickly discovered that the Apple Watch’s heart rate monitor is very inaccurate, so I picked up a Polar H7 heart rate monitor which integrates nicely with Runmeter.


I’m doing the star wars dark side challenge in April! Did the w/d half of a half in november.

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I’m doing the dark side half in April too.

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Half of a half? Were you unable to finish, or am I misunderstanding something here?

The Dark Side Challenge sounds interesting. Are you going to run for the light or the dark?

@brklinck due to a nearly one hour weather delay the run team shortened the half marathon course with total distance being 6.72 miles!!! My medal still says ‘half marathon’ lol…i guess there is a first for everything. this was my 4th disney race.

My 3 DDs (will be17,15,15) and I are planning to run the food and wine half in November. Be my first running event since I left school in 1983. Really looking forward to it.

Sounds like a fun family activity! Are you going to be training together? Personally, I would be doing my own “secret training” so that the kids wouldn’t show me up - need to maintain the “invincible Dad” status. :wink:

@brklinck - will be training together and hope I can be close enough in pace that we can run the race together - suspect the days of being the invincible dad are, unfortunately, a think of the past :slight_smile:

Feign an injury to force them to slow down to your pace, then distract them at the finish (“Look, it’s Mickey!”) and sprint to victory. Old age and treachery will always beat youth and exuberance.

Or, it they are like my daughter, training will be boring so if you keep at it and they don’t you will be in better shape for the race. :slight_smile:

If you can hit the 22:30 5K and 1:45 1/2 goals your status as “invincible dad” should be safe for quite some time, those are impressive goals.

I have an large extended family trip coming up this August but no RunDisney trips scheduled since my wife declined to get me the Dark Side Half entry for Christmas. Hopefully I can turn that around and get approval for giving Dopey a shot in 2017.

Barring injury, if I am able to keep to a good winter training schedule the 22:30 5K is an attainable goal. We will know better in April when I will probably run my first 5K of the season, as no battle plan survives contact with the enemy.

The 1:45 1/2 will be a tough one though. I made good progress on my 1/2 times last season, but I don’t know if I will be able to keep trimming them at the same rate this season.

Was it a polite decline with a look of sympathy, or a more forecful decline with a steely glare? :wink:

A call out to other Liner Runners who contributed to the last running thread - any racing plans for you guys?

Continuing the list (didn’t know that you could only name 25 people in a post)

I’ll be doing the 10K this Friday and the Dark Side 10k race in April.


I’m doing the 10k on Princess weekend. Just did a 10k in Houston on New Year’s Day! Planning for the Wine and Dine as well!


Hi @brklinck, thanks for setting this up! I am aiming for the Glass Slipper Challenge next month. It’s my first time doing more than one event in a weekend, so that’s required an adjustment to my training. I think I have a good shot at a PR for the Half (knock on wood), so my current plan is to take it very easy in the 10K and save my energy for Sunday. We’ll see how that goes. Any suggestions on strategy from folks who’ve done multi-event weekends would be appreciated!


I would have problems with multi-race events, as I would probably try to get PRs in each one. :smiley:

I think that you have a good plan by taking it easy on the 10K and going for the PR for the Half. Just treat the 10K as a light training day, staying well within a “conversational pace” and soaking in the Disney magic.

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I’m in for Glass Slipper, plus Princess 5k With DD8. Also Dark Side 10k. Looking ahead, I’m going to skip W&D this year, but do Jingle Jungle. But my main focus this year (after Princess weekend) is going to be training for my first Full - Jan 2017.

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That’s what I’m aiming for, but like you say it will require discipline to hold back in the 10K!!

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I’ll be at PHM in Feb and Star Wars in April.

Glass Slipper challenge plus the 5K
and the Dark Side Challenge

Won’t likely do W&D because I love to eat and drink too much to ruin the weekend with actual exercise.

Otherwise, I have another 2 halves near me as well as some more 5K’s.