Liners HELP! Need equipment and touring advice for DD4

Any advice welcome. I will be going to WDW for the first time with my DD4 and DH in Feb. I am almost to the date for ADR and will refine my touring plans accordingly after. We will be in the parks for 5 full and 1 half day. One of the days we are there will be her 5th birthday (hoping for BBB and CRT on that day). We are a family that walks a lot. We live in an area where you don’t really need a car. We have estimated that we walk around 4-6 miles a day depending on our activities. We do not however carry a lot of stuff with us when we go places because we are usually so close to home or going somewhere where everything we need is available. So, my questions are 1) stroller or no stroller? I have seen a lot of conflicting info on this in the forum. 2) Suggestions on a good toddler size lightweight backpack that is light but might have more sturdy straps than a cinch sack or those typical small backpacks with just the woven straps. (Bonus if it also comes in some sort of princess or Wonder Woman theme). Thank you in advance for any advice.

My vote is umbrella stroller. You can park it if you don’t need it but disney is a lot of walking for little legs–Easily 10-12 miles per day and it can be hot!

We decided to avoid the stroller so we didn’t have to look for it after EVERY ride. Wasn’t worth the wasted time, for us. Each family is different, but it was the best for us with a five year old.
“Ergo Baby” was a fantastic thing to use, and has a sun shade/nodding head support built in. Has a small pocket on it (wipes, two diapers small sunscreen, phone, and a compact poncho would max it), can buy an extra pouch that attaches which can hold more. Or get it home an see if you have something else to add capacity that’s compatible.
Of course, a backpack you might still have from school for your sundries and “up on shoulders” would be a free option (and what hubby did).

Pottery Barn Kids has great backpacks! Sized so you can pick the one that best fits your daughter, very sturdy with padded back and straps, and it comes in lots of patterns including Wonder Woman!

If she’s used to walking at home then I would skip the stroller. Worst comes to worst, and you find she’s not able to keep up, you can rent one

You could always rent a locker each day. You will have things somewhat close but not all the way back to your room. And you can then have a lighter bag for more immediate essentials. Rain ponchos are an immediate easential fyi.

Ohhh love the backpack at Pottery Barn. Probably too much to hope for the new Wonder Woman rather than the classic.

Stroller was helpful to us - our kids have more fun when they are less tired. Also was a place to put water bottles and some snacks that mom didn’t have to carry! As for backpacks, is this for walking around the park or what? We did not have kids carry backpacks but went with water bottle holders - like little purses for your bottle

It’s been a while since we(my wife and I) had anyone in a stroller but our advice is to get one. They will get tired. It’s just a matter of time and guess what then? You get to carry them. We always rented a stroller until they were to old to fit.

I loved having a stroller for my DD5. She had a place to rest if needed, and we could just park it, explore an entire land, and then grab it again when going somewhere else. It was also a great place to leave any water bottles, ponchos, etc.