Liners fitbit group

There was a flurry of interest in the fitbit liners group over on the old lines. Message your e mail if you’re interested and I can add you :dizzy::slight_smile::athletic_shoe:

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Do we message you or post here?

Yes I put mine on the other as well but I would like to join.


I got you! Check your email for an invite.

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Check your e mail for an invite :blush:

Thanks, I got it! Just want to give others a heads up that the email was sent to my spam folder. So if they didn’t get it that might be the problem. Thanks Again.

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Ooh that’s a good point!

How does one do this I LOVE my fitbit

Just pop on your e mail address or message it to me if you prefer.

How do i message

Ooops apparently I’m already part of the group so thanks but I would like to know how to message anyway

@jec4289 message here or fitbit?

either? both? thanks

If you log into the fitbit site and go to community click on the 3rd on the list. Fitbit liners should be in there (or you can directly access from your own page). Under “discussions” it says charge topic, you can add a thread or reply to another by clicking on it.

32 members now! That’s great!

I’m #4… going to push it to become #1 :wink:
In 9 days i’ll be walking a lot so I might just make it then, lol!

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I’m #6 overall, but #3 in distance and VAM. I’ll never catch Richard or John. And I’ll be wracking up some steps starting tomorrow morning at WDW!

Also, just as an aside. I did a google search on “fitbit liners” and the second search result on the page was a link to this post. Probably not a concern for this thread, but makes me wonder if people realize how much transparency our liner group has now as compared to the comparative sheltered life we had on the chat app.

Our group is private though @Sorcerers_Apprentice. Invite only and no-one else can see our posts. All good!

Very true.