Liners at 24hr day..ROLL CALL

We are a party of 3, me,ambular18 &ODona

We have 8 total. Me and my 4 kids and @Lauriecoco and her 2 kids.

Party of 1

I will be there! My group will be there too…DH, DS15, DS12 and DD6!

I’ll be there and @weasus and @Stardebby will be rooming with me. I also know of a couple other liners who will be in attendance.


Me. Myself. And I. That makes one.


Just 1 here. =)


My mom (@grammyrita) and aunt (@proudmary) will be there with my daughter who will be turning 13 on the 23rd. They will be at the MK meetup, and I will be living vicariously… :blush:

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Myself and DD8 will be there! ALLLLL night long! Attempting an ultimate tour

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Technically party of one. But rooming with 6 other liners. That’s how I roll. Lol.


Myself :scream: my ancient cell phone-loving DMom :telephone_receiver: , and (of course) the HOODLUMS! :children_crossing:

I’ll be there! No DH nor kiddos this trip. :smile:

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Me, DW & DD22

I’ll be there, no family along this trip :slight_smile:

Dw, DD and I

I will be there with my dh, dd15 and dd13. no hotel room as our flight leaves Saturday at 11:30 so we HAVE to make it through the whole 24 hours lol!

Thanks @karlan29 for starting this.
:dancers: :dancers: :dancers: :dancers: :dancers: :dancers: :dancers:
See ya real soon Liners!

I’ll be there in a group of 8 family members. I’m @wdwpodreview on twitter if anyone knows me from there.

3 of us, my mom, DD13 and me!!

I will be there with DD17!!! MK at 6am. Epcot on 5/23 DHS 5/24 and AK 5/25! Will come home exhausted!!!