Liners and Concierge Service mutually exclusive?

Like most folk using this website, I spend a LOT of time planning a trip. For me it is usually a year-long process planning everything in great detail. We’re hotel hopping with most days at PoP Century, then the last few days at the Contemporary. Through circumstance we ended up with a club level room, so contrast between the two hotels will be interesting. My question is: for all you folk like me who do crazy-detailed planning on your own, is there anything useful the concierge service can do? I took care of all my ADRs at T-190 days and with it being T-62 days I have alarms set for doing FPPs at 10pm MDT starting tomorrow night. I get/like the upper floors and almost 24/7 snacks, but is there something the concierge service can do for the Type-A’s that mostly inhabit this website? I’ve exchanged a few emails with them and they have been very nice and knowledgeable, but they seem to be there for folk who don’t know what they are doing.

I think that most people go CL for the added amenities such as the “free” food and drink in the lounges, more personalized service, and often times better room views. I’m kind of with you with my OCD planning, and I doubt that the “private” concierges could really do much for me. HOWEVER - there is at least a RUMOR that the CL concierges may have an “inside track” to help you get an ADR that you maybe couldn’t get through traditional methods. I’ve stayed CL at hotels outside of Disney and the added TLC can be enjoyable, but I spend so little time at a resort at WDW I have never found the added cost to be “worth it” for me.

Last April I was upgraded to CL at YC. When I was upgraded at BC it was a little different. At YC I really enjoyed that they had organized all my FPs and ADRs together in my welcome packet. They also said if there was anything that I needed I could call them even from the parks. I never used any of their services ( I actually was on a split stay and this part of my stay I had deluxe dining- everything was planned far in advance).

My only WDW CL experience has been with YC.

Had a very similar experience to Tink’s - Concierge recognized that we’d already planned/reserved all our stuff, so just gave us two phone numbers (one for live help, one for msgs) & said to use them for more FPP (thus avoiding the kiosks) and any last-minute ADRs.

We didn’t end up using it either, but could’ve been very handy.

FWIW, after staying in both a CL & a STD room @ YC, came away thinking that CL was the better value. Didn’t expect that.

Thank you all three. Sounds like I shouldn’t expect much except maybe an easier fourth FPP (which could be handy). My trip ends mid December, if I come across a revelation, I’ll let 'yall know.