Liner turning Local!


Just wanted to share my unbelievable news... I was selected for a position with my company in our Winter Haven office. I will be moving from Delaware to approximately 30 miles from Home 💓💓💓 I start Sept 8. Lots to do in very little time but so very exciting!






Thank u so much @sarasue8 and @elslav
: )


That is AMAZING! Congrats!


Amazing! Enjoy your new position and being so close to the 'world'!


That's awesome!! Congrats! Let me know if you need a realtor or anything else!


Thank u so very much @khart253 and @DisneyLady1991


@pod4christ ... thank u : ) I will definitely let you know. Renting temporarily to make sure I love the area... havent settled on Winter Haven, Haines City, or ?? Head is still spinning




Thank u @JustTimmy!


How exciting! Congratulations!


Thank u too @awelpsaves4disney!! Im very excited but also very stressed


Leaving my beautiful home state???? We will miss you. But I'll be joining you in about 4 years.




Congrats to you, and the best to you


Congrats and I'm totally jealous!! We are trying to move down there as well but it hasn't happend yet!


Sounds like an exciting adventure. Moving to FL in 2000, after our kids left home for college, was the best move we ever made. We live 2.5 hrs south of WDW and love being close enough to drive up on the weekend. I've been to Haines City to visit my niece at the local bible college. I'd research Winter Haven if I had to make a choice between the 2. Good luck!!


Yep @Sorcerers_Apprentice... good ol Delaware has had enough of me!Yay! 4 yrs is not long at all : )


Thank u @BackIntoTheFray !!