Liner Thank you

Thank you to all my liner friends who recommended staying at the Hyatt MCO the evening you arrive! Such a fantastic idea! We’ll be ready to hit the parks running tomorrow!!!


Glad you like it there! It will always be an option for us now that we’ve done it! So convenient, especially when getting in on a later flight, to just flop into bed and be ready for the next day on a good night’s sleep!


I love that you enjoyed your stay, I wish I had.

Those elevators are annoying, the hotel layout is annoying, which might be able to be circumvented but the staff couldn’t have been less interested in welcoming me. No one told me where my room was, or where to get a meal since 90% of all stores were closed by the time I got in after a long delay.

The room was meh, remote didn’t work, lights were broken (I think, admittedly it was hard to tell given the style), one of the USB outlets was broken, no coffee in the room, door wouldn’t open to balcony, and I got a “lovely” view of another balcony.

I can roll with a lot…and that was a lot to roll with.

I liked the soaps though. And I was able to catch the first DME out in the morning so… it wasn’t all bad. But…I’m just glad I stayed on a travel deal cuz…yiiikes.

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.


I wonder if more people will start to that next year since there isn’t a magical express. For late flights, book a hotel near the airport and use the money saved to schedule a sedan for the morning.