Liner spot at blizzard beach

Hi, does anyone have a recommended spot to set up camp at blizzard beach? Is any one area better than another? Thanks

I like back by the Warming Hut. Shaded, by food and the bar, near an entrance to the lazy river, close to the pool, etc

I have kids, so we always set up under one of the pavilions near the Ski Patrol Training Camp. It’s pretty central, there are restrooms right there, and the kids spend most of the day in that area, anyway!

We were there last weekend for the first time… We headed straight to tikes peak… If you walk towards the tube slide on the way up we found a nice shaded sand area… We could sit there and watch ds4 walk up to the top of the slide, down it and out the steps. It was a good spot and not crowded! Have fun!! Ps… Don’t miss the fried donuts and the grilled ck sandwich…yum yum!!!