Liner Reviews of The Polite Pig?

I’ve read 3 reviews of PP; one was pretty good, one was so-so, and one was really terrible. Anyone with first-hand experience?

also interested. The youtubers i watch have been less than impressed. In fact, one said it was the worst mac & cheese they’ve ever had! Yikes! And the rest was just meh.

The really terrible review said that the brisket was 3/4 fat and gristle and the sides were “tasteless”. The other reviews were much more forgiving of the pulled pork…

Oh no!! The other thing that i find concerning is the “bar”. They are using a system that premixes things like rum & coke. Um, what??? Not a full bar, only can serve whatever is in the trough (LOL).

I’m all for giving a place a chance to work out the kinks but apparently Disney approached them because they thought very highly of their existing locations. I think the expectations are very high given the feedback of the other places. They really should have put their best hoof forward. Oh god, I gotta stop. I don’t even like puns!!


If I was to go there - which is unlikely because BBQ is NOT one of my favorites and my DW makes the best I’ve had anywhere - I would probably stick to beer; it just “goes with” BBQ… :slight_smile:

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Very true (and happy you have a source for good bbq!). I have a great local place about 30 minutes from home (but 15 from work) that I love to get every few months or so.

The thing that gets me about the bar is, that is just is not going to cut it at Disney Springs. Even Splitsville has an awesome outdoor bar. Not to mention Ragland Road, Hanger Bar, Boathouse, Rainforest Cafe. I’d go to the Margarita cart before I’d consider PP. Competition is stiff at DS. I feel like this is a misstep. (But honestly, what the heck to I know?).