Liner Recommendations and the Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue

Shortly after joining Chat way back in the day and later the Forums, it was clear there was a lot of Liner love for Hoop-Dee-Doo. It was always on my “to-doo” list but it wasn’t until this trip that we actually made it happen.

I booked Category 1 seats for the 4:00 pm show at the 180 day point. No, it wasn’t necessary to do it that far out but, as an over-planner, I try to leave nothing to chance. At about 175 days out we changed dates. That was it. Nothing left to do now but anticipate and wait.

We showed up Friday, about 1/2 hour early and checked in. We went around to the side of the building and had our pictures taken and then wandered through the trading post until it was time.

As we walked in, our seater asked my wife when we booked and she told him she didn’t know, that I was the obsessed person when it came to plans and ADRs, The seater chuckled and told her that we were probably the second person to book. Seats are assigned by booking time. We were front row, center. I mean, our table was literally touching the stage!

While the seats did make for a couple of awkwardly funny moments (usually involving taking a bite of food just as a performer slid up to the table), they were fantastic seats. My 13 year old son, who tries to pretend that there is very little he likes, walked out proclaiming HDDR to be the best meal/show on property, and he loves eating in World Showcase!

To make a long story short (too late), I walked out of HDDR angry at Liners. Yes angry! All y’all undersold the show and it took me 12 years to get there! It won’t be that long before we go back because DS has already declared this will be the #1 in the next ADR restaurant draft (that’s how we decide on which restaurants we are going to during the trip. Thanks, Mighty Men of Mouse!)


Yay! Love hearing that others love this show as much as we do! We were also turned onto this by reading the enthusiastic recommendations of Liners. It’s definitely a favorite with my 7 & 10 year olds, but we grown ups love it just as much. I just booked at 180 days so I hope to have the same luck you did! Also Cat 1, 4pm show. Hoping to follow it with the horse and carriage ride through Fort Wilderness.


Thanks for this great review! We will be seeing the Hoop for the first time in 39 days (me, DH and DS14). I booked it because there has been so much liner love for the show and now I’m excited to see where our Category 1 seats reserved at 180 days put us. :smile: So glad you all had a wonderful time. We’ll post a review as well. I’m super excited to go now!


We ate there on Saturday night. We also had booked early (about 182 days ahead) for Category 2 and were seated right next to the piano player. I offered him food (he declined) because when he turned around he was right at our table. We loved it! My DDs (12 and 9) cannot wait to go back.