Liner meets

Any liners in the world aug 1-10? Any liner meets planned?

There will be a Chicagoland Liner meet in downtown Chicago on Saturday, August 23rd. If anyone is interested in joining us please e-mail me at

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Yep. 8/1 CBR and 8/2-8/16 POR

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WhooHoo!!! Chi town. Might do this, but not if packfan stands for the Packers…:frowning:

Packers shareholders here but REALLY glad to be out of snowy Green Bay and now living in sunny Orlando!

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I will be there Aug 2-9.

8/2- 8/5. Big liner meet in AK on the 2nd. Doing Harambe Nights but will be in the park earlier. @MagicMN @Sing-a-ma-jig-keli @niter @Darth_DopeyD73, @Okie, @Joannes1959 @alitig1 (am I missing anyone)?

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We are staying at CBR July 26_August 5. Doing frozen package on Friday, August 1. Was planning on blizzard beach for Saturday, August 2 but not sure where well end up after that.

Will at the magic 07/31 --08/09… I forgot to order my liner bottom on time :frowning:

Sorry but yep Packers Fan here. Moved to Chicago burbs 20 years ago but will always be a Packer Fan! We’d love to have you join us!

We have FP for AK on the 2nd. Will be looking for everyone!!

We will be in the World Aug 3-9.

@NotThatLenTesta: I really hope we can meet up that week. So far, I’m meeting up with @Coolermama and @MDU on the 6th at EPCOT I think. Maybe we can add you to the list?

@DarthD and @MDU - Is that an open invitation? I’d love to meet some of you guys if we can - but we’re just getting in on the 2nd so will miss the AK meetup. If you’re at Epcot on the 6th, then we can wander over an join you - we’re spending a resort day at YC so it’s just a short hop over to the Grey Goose Slush… I mean Epcot from there!

@clairenmn: sure! I think we’re meeting in France around 7. I have to double check the dates and times as my head is fuzzy today. Lol.

Hooray!! We’ll be in Morocco for dinner at 6pm, so that works out great! :smile:

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France at 7! Got it!

Yay! Count us in, if it’s OK for DS11 & me to join you all.

Overnight at GF Aug 8-9 with @mousecoachjenn and @lykeeton. More peeps around??? Missing all these other cool meets tho :b(

Don’t forget me!!