Liner Group for Nov? Or MM share?

Looking for a liner FB group for this November or a MM share group. Anybody else going then?

Bumping for the evening. Anyone else going in November?

If you look on Facebook, there are MM share groups. I found one by searching for “November Disney share.” One of the results was WDW- Walt Disney World Memory Maker Shares, Tips & Tricks 2022

I don’t know if there are others, but Facebook is where they tend to be.

I’m hoping to go in November if everything works out. I haven’t found a liner Facebook yet. I hope someone will create one!!

@desire499mike We might need to make one, because I searched and only an old archived one came up.

@mkmuzzy Thanks! I will check that one out. I searched for November groups specifically and didn’t see anything current.

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On that Facebook page, there are postings/discussion threads about various dates, and one person mentioned their Nov. 14-17 dates. It sounds like someone keeps an eye on that page and tries to have some organization to it.

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I don’t mind helping a liner out if they create a Facebook group for November… I’m admin of February, I think you are part of that group.

I am! Went in February of 2019 and stuck around for the dreams. :slight_smile:
I’ll let you know if the other group doesn’t work out. That seems like an easy win once I get approval to join.

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Hi. Sorry, I did not reply sooner, I just saw this. There will be 6 of us going, November 4 - 8. I would be interested in a MM share if you have not gone with something found on Facebook. I have done one before but was not the one to run it.

The Facebook group was a bit of a surprise to me. It seems to be one admin running MM shares for dozens and dozens of people, which irked me a bit to be honest, because it seems like quite money maker at $40 per person.
The MM share I did before was about $20 per person but I didn’t run it either, so I’m not sure how to put together one for ourselves.

There are directions somewhere. I know there needs to be a “dummy” account set up and we need to somehow share some settings. The one I did cost about $40 but I felt comfortable being in TP rather than Facebook. We have a little time, I can look for the directions and let you know when I find them. Maybe there will be a few more interested when it gets a little closer?

When I was part of a share group, we split the total cost based on how many family groups were doing the share. We maybe had 5 families, varying in size from 2 (DH and I) to maybe 5? We did not have a flat fee per person. Since each family group (i.e. share member) had one person who was the lead for being friends with the “host”, it worked well.

@mkmuzzy That’s what I meant. $40 per Liner person in the share. They would collect all the photos of their own family. But the rest of their party wasn’t added to the share. Just them if I remember correctly. That’s why I said per person.

@TPlurker I would rather do a Liner share as well, even if it ends up being the same price. The FB group seems like something I could set up at any time, so let’s see who else might want to join us between now and then. We could do late October as well, because we have to hit a 30 day window, right? Our last park day is Nov. 11.

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I agree, late Oct would work also, our last day is Nov. 9. Maybe someone going toward the middle of November also.
I see now; $40 per person is crazy. The one we did was per GROUP.

It was per group. I just was kinda weirded out by the fact that it’s one individual doing shares for dozens and dozens of people. Like there are 4,000 people in the Facebook group. $40 from only 30 people is enough to buy your annual pass for the year.

I am not on facebook but am interested- we are planning to be there Nov 7th-9th 2022 I was in one previously but not the admin. I am in if someone can be admin. We are doing a split Uni stay.


Hello. So, it seems there are 4 of us that seem to be interested? That would save money and maybe make it easier to keep organized without getting too big. Should we all connect back here at the end of September/early October to make sure we are all still a go? (I just bought my park tickets today!) I am tagging you to make sure you see this because I missed the latest post. I think I now have it marked to get a notification if anyone comments.
@madamelynn, @Cgerres, @desire499mike

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Yes, I’m in!


Sounds good!!

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I’m in too!!!