Liner friends, I made a fast pass mistake

I have a fast pass for TT 11:25 am on our EP half day. I thought my DD had to be checked into her dance thing at 12:45. I was reading the stuff again yesterday while packing and realized she needs to be checked in at noon (building between UK and France). She finishes the performance thing at 2:40pm.

Should I change our plans to stay in EP and do a late afternoon pass for TT (we were going to go to HS…have dessert package booked)? Or will the FP still work? Honest opinions…I’m so mad at myself for misreading the information.

I don’t quite understand. What time is your TT FPP?

and, what is the duration of the dance thing?

Oh, duh…11:25 is the FP. She is busy from 12-2:40.

So you can ride TT at 11:20 (5 minutes leeway) and go to check in by noon. I don’t know how long TT takes though, so maybe that isn’t long enough.

Have you any leeway to move the FP forward a bit? When are your other FPs?

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Not really, TT isn’t available any earlier than 4:25 right now. Our other FP are at 9:20 (Nemo and friends) and 10:20 (SE). I can split our FP and let DH and DD15 do TT and DD11 and I can do Frozen after the performance, but I think she’d enjoy TT more.

Tapping in at 11:20, might work…but it’d be our luck that we would get stuck on it :rofl::joy:

That’s about a 10-minute walk / 0.5 miles per Google maps.

Check in at TT 11:20
Wait: 11:20-11:35 (total guess - will vary)
Ride: 11:35-11:39
Exit: 11:39-11:42
Walk: 11:42-11:52am

Totally feasible, but if anything takes longer than normal, you could be late. What’s the risk? Is the check-in time assuming a built-in buffer to make sure no one is late? Does she get kicked out of her dance troupe? Or just “aw shucks”? I might risk it if it were me, and just make sure to be exactly on time for FP. But if you want to be safe, you could rebook for the afternoon.


Her performance time is 1-2:40, so I’m positive the 1 hour time is for them to put on their costumes and be ready. I sincerely doubt they’d not let her perform. When you break it down like that, I’m inclined to risk it. If we’re in line and it’s taking forever, can I just explain the situation and politely ask to get out and leave the queue so we’re not late? I’d be ok losing the FP and I know DD would be fine. She doesn’t even know what this ride is.


I’d say risk it, but keep stalking the site for an earlier time.

Also, what’s your plan if TT is down? Or if TT had been down previously, so had given out anytime FPs and the FP line is longer than usual? Just have a cutoff time for yourself and maybe someone here can tell you what you’ll have to do if you have to ask for an anytime FP.

Oh I wouldn’t risk it. These dance folks (I’m among them) are cra-cra around performances. And nobody will enjoy the ride as they worry about making it to the performance site on time. Modify or dump it

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Really great question… we’ve never been to WDW…if we’re still waiting to ride at 11:45, I’ll probably gracefully exit. Totally my fault, so I won’t ask for an anytime FP, but maybe I will if it’s down.

If you have any thoughts, let me know! I clearly know nothing :joy:

Thanks! Maybe I’ll just rework our plans and plan to stay in EP and do the HS stuff the next day.

If it is down, you will get one automatically. If the line takes to long, I would nicely explain to CM and see if a little magic comes your way.

You’re right! I’m not a cra-cra dance mom, but I’m sure it’ll be nuts and not worth the stress. I switched it to 4pm and put in a request for a 2pm or later FP at fp4me…I don’t want to be crazy stressed out lady at Disney. :laughing: