Liner Daily Tip #320 – Is an AP Worth It?

Here’s is a useful TP Blog post that can help you determine if an Annual Pass would be a good value for you


YES! (Oh sorry, did I scream that?) Yes, yes it is. Not that I’m addicted or anything. I can quit anytime I want, right? :slight_smile:


If you’re considering, don’t forget the tons of $ you’ll spend on a whim because “after all, we’re saving money on the tickets!” We just had the best year EVER! But we are totally broke now and i swear we are NOT going in February or April, even if DH gets the time off. Wait, maybe I should just peek at airlines…

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I really just love to say “my AP”.

Miss my AP… Last year was so much fun! Hoping to grab one again next fall!!!

Yes! Well, for park tickets anyway. 6 roundtrip flights, one road trip and numerous nights at the resorts surely caused me to lose $ this year.

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Yes, “rationally” speaking (shudder), having the AP has led me to take more trips, so I’ve dropped a ton of money on additional hotel stays, food, etc.

But if we just focus on the per-park-day ticket prices, I love thinking about how every additional park day lowers my overall average. I’m nerdy enough that I totaled them up at the end of the last AP to see how we came out. I remember @Mr_Itty posting about that once too, I think, and I was inspired.

What I like best are the hotel discounts, never having to worry about park hopping or parking, and the merchandise discounts when DD buys a toy souvenir in the parks.


For the curious… :slight_smile:

11/30/2012 - 11/30/2013:

98 park visits, over 83 days
14 WaterPark/DisneyQuest visits
Cost of FL Res AP: $410.03
Cost of Upgrade to PAP: $132.06
Cost per theme park day: $4.94
Cost per WP/DQ visit: $9.43
Parking fees saved: $1,155.00
Merchandise Discounts: $137.41

12/01/2013-12/01/2014 (in progress)

48 park visits over 44 days
3 WP/DQ Visits
Cost of FL Res AP: $419.61
Cost of Upgrade to PAP: $106.50
Cost per theme park day: $9.54
Cost per WP/DQ visit: $35.50
Parking fees saved: $634.00
Merchandise Discounts: $42.79


Holy crud!! And I thought I was saving $.
5 Trips, 26 park days, $675.21 AP comes out to $25.97 per day. 2 trips left this year will lower that amount.
I don’t save on parking since I take ME and use Disney Transportation. And I have no idea how much I’ve saved in merchandise.

I"m not gonna look yet… I’m not gonna look yet.

although… I’ve managed to somehow mooch off a few people as of late. So it might not be so bad. LOL

That is just beautiful… :slight_smile:

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Just got AP a week ago and you all are making me feel like it was definitely a brilliant move!


We are hoping to upgrade in Dec when we go…do you also get a discount on Special tickets like MVMCP?

Yes, but the discount is less than $5 per party ticket, and only for certain dates, so we always ended up just paying regular price for party tickets instead.

Totally dumb question but going to ask it anyway, because I just want to be clear… a regular AP functions just like a park hopper, correct?

Yes, a regular AP allows you to Park Hop.

If you go over ten days, that is when you start saving money ticket wise. Try not to think about the rest of the money you will spend! ha ha ha!!!