Liner Daily Tip #298 - Splitting CS Meals

Useful tips on stretching your dining budget by splitting CS meals


Fav meal to split at mk is a cup of corn dog nuggets and fries!! Plenty of good for two :slight_smile:

At our BOG lunch, my DH and I are splitting the roast beef sandwich, but each getting our own soup. We did this last time, and it was the perfect amount of food. I’d love to hear other CS meals that are good for splitting, as this is good the for the wallet and the waistline!

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At HS, we always like Pizza Planet because we can just order 2 adult individual pizzas. They are fairly good sized and each come with a Caesar salad! So my DH & I each got a side salad to help fill up and had plenty of pizza to go around to share with our 2 kids!