Liner Daily Tip #288 – Cancelling 1 or 2 FPP Reservations (the @Mr_Itty Trick)

Here is a link to information @Mr_Itty posted on how to cancel 1 or 2 FPP reservations. This allows you to quickly use up your FPP reservations for the day so that you can go to a kiosk and get another available FPP without Tier restrictions.


Thanks, @Mr_Itty, for describing the process so clearly, and thanks @brklinck for posting the tip!

Thinking of trying this on my EP day - I have a FPP for Soarin', so my choice on TT is either first thing in the AM (probably in SR line) or try the Itty trick. I wonder how the time spent in the kiosk line (with a multiplier for the odds there won't be any TT left after I use my Soarin' pass) will compare with just going through the standby or SR line for TT first thing. . . .

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