Liner Daily Tip #276 - AAA Discount at UOR

AAA members get discounts on many purchases at UOR.

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Interesting! I had no idea. I’ll make a note in my UOR trip planning folder. Thanks.

I find that this is a useful tip to put in any trip planning folder. So many places offer a AAA discount, even if they do not post it, and I always forget to ask.

Also testing the fancy “quote” function :wink:

And the edit function as well - no more typos! :smiley:

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Also American Express credit card holders get a 10% discount on some food and beverages options and a 10%/15% discount on merchandise purchases($50/$75 minimum).

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is there a specific AMEX or any AMEX card?

The verbiage in the link say “any American Express card”, but you must show the American Express offer on the Universal Orlando Mobile App in order to get the discount.

Thank you!!!