Liner App "Start Timer" feature not working for me

Hey all! Second day in parks for us and it seems the “time your wait” feature is not working for me. I click the time your wait option and enter the pertinent info. When I get to “start timer” button, I click it, then it appears to reload with the same button but this time with a right- pointing arrow on the right side of the “start timer” button. If I click it again, it goes back to my TP steps plan. I’m never given an option for “stop timer”. Am I doing something wrong???

Have you submitted posted times?

Also, are you starting the posting your time from the attraction or the park screen?

I’m trying to post my wait time from the time I meet “resistance”/ pause once everything the standby line, which I believe is what it states.

I’ve done it in the past, but of course long enough ago that I can’t remember all of the specifics. :woman_facepalming:

Two ways to do it:

  1. From the app, select park. On the home page there will be a plus sign at top. Drop downs will ask you type of queue, attraction, posted or timed. Stop timer or cancel will be your options once started.

  2. After going to the park, select attraction and then go into the timed or posted. I usually do the posted first and it gives the timed link?

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Truth be told, having to use that stupid timer is the reason that I rarely post actual times. I’d much rather be able to just enter my “actual” time after I get off the ride.

Yeah, mine looks a bit different from yours.

The last pic is what I get if I click “start timer” a the second time. I never get a ‘submit timer’ or cancel timer until hours later if I’m trying to alter something completely different in my plan or mark something as ‘done’ that I was unsuccessfully trying to time hours before.

Scroll all the way to the bottom of the plan in your last screenshot, there should be a timer manager at the end.

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I have over 400 posted times and I have never done it through a plan. I start in the parks section of the app. I go in one of two ways:

Either through the home page and park link or

The link to each park at the bottom of the page (I often am in chat and it is there too)

When I go into the park, I can pick the plus button on the top, or go into any attraction.

Then I can go directly into the timers for that attraction.

Try it another way?

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Yes that’s how I do it. Never a problem.

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That was it! :rofl: I knew it had to be an operator error issue somehow! Thanks! Yesterday’s submitted wait times were much more and way more accurate!

Thank you @PrincipalTinker and @missoverexcited! @donpat1111 's suggestion did work for me, but now I’m glad to know some more alternative ways to submit times. I truly just wanted to help our beloved TP out and it was beyond frustrating to me that I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong! :rofl: Thanks again everyone!