It was weird that it bothered me so much this trip. I did tell myself that it was not worth getting upset. And I did say something, several times. That’s how I learned that “It’s not cutting if I’m meeting up with my family.” I stopped saying something because 1) it didn’t do any good, and 2) it made me feel terrible. I don’t like telling strangers they’re breaking rules. So I shut up and worked on my inner peace.

The situations I encountered did not involve parents and children. They involved adults going to “meet their family.” However, the situation of an adult who has issues waiting in line is tricky. If I had said something to such an adult, I would have felt like a real jerk. In future, I will keep my mouth shut.

It is interesting to see everyone’s points of view on this.


Larry! Larry!


@brklinck Amusing to watch but not amusing being in the line. I liked the Larry one–not just because he was caught.

Love, love this! :joy::joy:

I’d agree it annoys me a lot too - gives me flashbacks to absolutely crazy line-jumping groups of people at Six Flags NJ back when I was a kid.

But, Unless it is some obvious getting around the line kind of thing, I try to let it go and not say anything. Who knows what’s up?

Also, as a tall guy with a NY accent (when I get going anyway), it is likely my “Dad Voice” would especially put people in defensive mode and that would not end well for anyone. :wink:

Yeah the bathroom part is a little overboard. Picture having bladder damage after having a kid and not being able to wait over an hour for a ride. But you want to take your kid to Disney, oh but that’s right at some point there will be a long line which I will have to either skip no matter how much my 7yo wants to go because of birth complications? No sorry but if I stand in line for 45 minutes and have to go what is the big deal? Chances are I have already went BEFORE getting in line, and people who get so annoyed by it will just have to deal. It’s an already embarassing situation for an adult woman to not be able to “Hold it” for hours.


I think as long as it’s not the whole extended family, what’s the big deal, as long as there are others in line? If someone is parking the strollers and is steps behind the others, let them go in. If it’s the person parking the stroller and 5 kids, grandma and grandpa going to meet the one kid or adult that ‘saved’ a spot, then step back to your family.

I also agree with the bathroom thing, although I wouldn’t do it, simply for fear that the line would start to move and I’d miss being with my family completely.

I also think there are people that can’t stand for long periods and if they have to sit on a bench just off from the ride and you know grandma or a mom and kid is going to rejoin them once the line has moved and they’ve rested, it’s different than people suddenly rushing over and joining up. You knew they were in line and couldn’t take the standing.

Now, if you arranged to meet your party in the Space Mountain line up and they’re texting you to cut up through it, that’s something else entirely. That’s cutting into line. Or if you see your friends while standing in line, stop to talk, surprised they’re there and decide to join them, that’s cutting into line.


Interesting when we were there the cat members were yelling (nicely) to have everyone keep moving and to allow people who are going to the lockers to meet up in the queue so there wasn’t a block at the lockers. I did it and we allowed people to cut past us as well.

They were asking that only one person went to the lockers when we were there but they never suggested getting in line without that person, and I never saw anybody come past us in line either. All the queue jumping we saw was at WDW.

We let a man through TSA line who said he might miss flight. Everyone seemed to be rooting for him to make his flight. He was pleading for mercy though.


I would definitely move out of the way one customer at a time, letting them go ahead until said partner finally shows up again. That’s only right.

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I have pretty much no tolerance for cutting in line. If you are in line and a child has an emergency potty break then that is fine. 1 adult should escort the desperate child to the bathroom and be able to return. But some members of a party being slower, or parking strollers, or late due to other rides, or children just not being good at standing in line…too bad. My children have started melting down in line due to frustration and I simply pulled them out and we didn’t do the ride. My husband has missed out on rides too because he wanted to go get a drink when it was time to get in line. I don’t think my families convenience should be at the expense of everyone else. If your family wants to ride together, then they should wait together. So I guess I fall into the “witch” category as well.


I don’t consider your approach witch, just considerate. I see mostly teens catching up to friends. Snooze you lose. Wait your turn or have your friends come back to you.


Sorry, not buying the excuses. FPP, Rope Drop, and Touring Plans means never having to wait more than 15 minutes or so. If one has that serious of a bladder problem to the point where it’s a serious medical issue, one should talk to WDW about a DAC. Being in an ECV isn’t an excuse either. The rest of your party should hang with you. If you forgot to get milk, you let people go in front of you.

There was one situation on my last trip that was… unfortunate… for the other guy. 4th of July fireworks. Crowd in the hub is insane way early. My daughter & I are scoping spots, and then it happens… dude has the perfect spot in the hub, really couldn’t be much better given the circumstances 20-25 yards kind of in front of crystal palace, just slightly off-center. He’s with his young son (maybe 3-4 years old), saving a spot for his wife & daughter… and the son has to go. There just is no getting around it. We hear the conversation/situation & decide to… tarry… just a bit… kind of “fly casual” in the area as Han Solo would put it… we’re in a “no standing” zone, and my CM daughter knows the deal well… there’s no way this kid on the other side of the tape is gonna last another 40-something minutes, not happening… sure enough, dude relents & takes the son, and we move right into the spot. I think he wanted to cry. I almost wanted to cry for him… but his loss was our gain. That’s life sometimes.

I would have offered to hold his spot if I had seen that. Human decency should win over everything else. Which is why I personally see “line cutting” as wrong or right based subjectively on the situation. Disney is supposed to be magical. But it’s only that way when the people (CMs and guests) make it that way for each other. We all want to receive pixie dust. But more importantly, we should look for opportunities to give it away!


Wow. This is probably the one instance that might have called for some compassion.


I probably wouldn’t tell that story again to anyone if you want to make friends… :confused:


This isn’t exactly like line jumping… but here is a story from the MNSSHP we attended several years back…

There were 3 adults in my group… myself, my mother (who was treating us all to the evening), and my younger sister. In tow we had 3 children… My sister’s 3 year old son, my daughter of 4 and other daughter of 8 years.

We were trying to find space for the evening parade… and we headed over early, about an hour before. I was surprised to find, though I am certain none of you are surprised to hear it, that people are already lining main street. I really couldn’t tell you where abouts we were because I don’t know the park well and this was some time ago… anyhow, we wandered around a while looking for somewhere to, at the very least, get the 3 children where they would be able to see. We come upon an older gentleman who is standing inside a pair of folded up strollers he has laying down lengthwise, to block off space on the curb… one on either side of him. These strollers are also spaced about 2ft away from him on either side, with him kind of pacing between them reserving the space that the strollers do not occupy.

At this point we have wandered around a bit, up and down main, the middle child is growing weary, the youngest child is requesting to be carried. Upon spotting this man with the strollers again, I approach where he is… I notice about 2ft of curb at the outter edge of one of these strollers that no body is in. I direct the children to squeeze as close as they can to one another on the spot of curb there… “Smoosh your butts together close” I tell them. “Grandma, mom, and I will just stand behind you guys and you can watch from there.” At this point the gentleman… who is still, after 20 mins of pacing alone, just him and his strollers, calls over to us, “Sorry, but this whole area is being saved for our group.”

“I figured you were holding space here, but we don’t need much, just these 3 little butts on the curbs, us 3 adults will stand behind them.”

“well,” he says, “I have been here for 2 hours now and if you wanted a spot here maybe you should have gotten here before me.”

“Sir,” as I try to remain composed and fair, “I totally sympathize with your wait, but how many people do you have in your group, and the parade is starting in about 30mins, where are they?”
“they have gone off to ride rides,” he says “my daughter, my wife, grandkids, everyone is on rides and I told them I would hold places for the parade.”

“Ok,” I agree. “The little ones here are whooped, we will just let them sit here until your party arrives and then if you need this space to fit everyone, we will move out of the way.”

He doesn’t respond to me, but I can tell he isn’t happy with my answer. A short time passes and his group still hasn’t appeared. The next thing I see is the man is opening those strollers, and as he gets to the one nearest my kids on the curb, he places it right in front of them.

“Sir? Can we please move that off to the side until your party arrives?”
“Well,” he says, “we will need this space when they arrive. Like I told you already, we will need all this space and they should be here soon.”

At this point I am just totally annoyed with this man’s behavior.

“You know what Sir,” I said in a calm but assertive tone, “if the parade was so important to your family then they should have been here with you waiting, just like we came here waiting, just like you told me that I should have arrived at 2 hours instead of one. But here’s the thing, we are here… and your party isn’t. It is all well and good you have extra adults to hold spaces, but not everyone has that luxury. Enjoy the parade.”

I collected the children and other adults in my party and told them to just follow me and I will find a spot somewhere else. The parade was due to start in minutes and there wasn’t an inch free anywhere… other than where Mr Happy was camped out with empty strollers. We hadn’t hardly walked to the other side of mainstreet, crossing barriers, and a Disney Staff member happened to make eye contact with me. They must have seen on my face the lack of Disney Magic and the Halloween spirit vacant in my glance.
“Is everything ok? Can I help with anything?”
“well, actually,” I explain “we are desperately trying to find about 2 ft of curb space for these 3 little butts. They are small butts, and don’t require much real estate. We arrived early and thought we had a space…” I proceeded to explain everything. The Disney Staff took their radio from their waist, called someone else to respond to our location.
They both talked for a moment while one brought the other up to speed… they looked toward the man who’s family was now arriving. Low and behold, they did NOT need all that space!! Others near them began to fill in as the strollers were moved over.

The staff member who stopped me came back over and says, “you guys come with me, we have to walk quickly” and the other staff member headed over to the Stroller guy.
We followed the staff member as they led us toward the castle. There beside the castle was a private area with fancy velvet ropes and benches with large “VIP” signage on the seating.
“You all will sit in here and watch the parade.”
He smiled, lifted the rope, escorted us in, and we joined only 4 other people in the section. These people were super friendly too, and all the kids immediately began talking about their costumes and buzzing excitedly as they saw the parade approaching.

The headless horseman stopped right by us, like literally, we could have touched the horse… I think some of the children did… most of the characters stopped and shook hands with the kids… or high fives… the procession paused regularly in front of us as it headed off toward main street.



That is a good example of how Disney should handle things.

My son is now adult. He had ADD. Often, when he was little, one of us would get up.and walk he would not annoy people nearby. We were there and come back. For the whole group MIA is wrong


While the staff member was walking us over toward the castle, him and I chatted. I thanked him up and down for helping us and told him that I was really trying to be as reasonable and fair with the Stroller guy, but obviously it was a disheartening experience. The staff member said, “People often ask me about my job, if I ever get burned out on bad behavior from children… people just assume kids are running around like crazy here. I guess between the excitement, maybe some lax parenting, or just the handful of poorly behaved children, they assume it must be a lot to deal with… but sadly, it is more often the bad behavior of adults that makes us staff members burned out. It is so disappointing to see the sometimes selfish, rude, entitled behavior that some of the adults have around here. That guy was wrong to take up all that space. In the end it didn’t even look like he needed it all… and there were other people there, with children, early, wanting to see the parade. Sharing is Caring.”

(obviously not word for word… but basically the gist)

It completely washed away all my hurt and frustration from the way the stroller guy spoke to me… and treated the kids. I have no idea what the other disney staff said to them when the other staff member headed their way… but obviously, they had intention in speaking with them about the large chunk of space saving by one person.