Line at Gastons

Typically, about how long should I plan to wait in line at Gaston’s for a snack? And by snack I mean cinnamon roll, just to be clear. I have it my plan around 930am. Wondering if that’s their busiest. Anyone chime in with their wait times?

I LOVE that cinnamon roll! I make sure to get one every trip! The line for that place easily runs out the door since it’s so tiny. In my experience it was about a 15-20 minute wait.


I would agree with the 15-20 minute wait on a regular day. One day we were there only one of their registers could scan MBs, the others had to do cash transactions. That slowed stuff down big time.

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I have no idea.

But just make sure you include time to watch Gaston himself. We didn’t actually wait in line to meet him but we did watch his encounters with some feisty little kids and a young couple in their twenties.

They were priceless to watch. :rofl::rofl:

Make like a Hobbit and have it for Second Breakfast. Eat a small meal at your resort then head to Gaston’s later. The line was very short after 10:30 :clock1030: the last time I went, which was spring break.

The line was short when we went at 10:15 a few weeks ago.

Yeah gosh. I don’t think I would want to wait that long. Very short wait on my visit, near walk up. Not sure what time but probably 10ish

Thanks everyone!

Agree to the snack at resort/hotel… go to park - start at tomorrow land, and make way towards Gastons… hit Gastons for mid-morning cinnamon roll snack around 9:45/10:15 and line shouldn’t be that bad.

Thanks! The plan was always for the cinnamon roll to be second breakfast. I was just wo dering when I should time it so we dont wait in a long line if that was possible

Is Gaston actually there?

He is not in the restaurant itself but he meets right nearby. He is a FANTASTIC character meet and greet! Do it if you have time!


No one waits at Gaston’s
Lines are great at Gaston’s
And the sandwiches all are first rate at Gaston’s
“I use mayo instead of Kraft salad dressing”
My, what a guy, that Gaston!



I confess. I’m amused but also confused.

We went during our second night at MK during the fireworks. We’d had dinner at CRT and just wanted to visit the building. It was 100% empty. We were the only people on there.


This should help:



OK. That’s adorable!