Limited room availability for my week - should I be worried?

I’ve already made a reservation for Pop Century November 5th - 12th. I understand the weekend of the 5th is Wine & Dine Half Marathon and Jersey week is happening, but is it common for most on property hotels to be sold out?

Only 6 hotels are currently showing availability for those dates.

I made reservations POFQ for October 6-8, 2022 for the days before our Disney Cruise. Booked them in November 2021. The last time I looked POFQ was sold old for that same time now.

I think it is common lately. You also have Veterans Day that week. Not sure the impact of that. I know when I look in the fall I see limited availability.

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On-site almost always sells out. It only represents a small fraction of total guests. It’s not a good indicator of crowds.


Are you worried about crowd levels? In my multiple trips during and since the pandemic, TP had been spot on with the CL forecasts. Wait times were spot on, but there seemed to be a lot of people everywhere.
Last spring/summer it took a few months for rooms at Riviera to become available for December. I checked every day - and nothing. Eventually, I was able to book five nights, but I wanted seven. Ended up having to make three separate reservations for seven nights there.

Definitely looking at it from a CL perspective. I’ve had my preferred room booked since February ‘21, but I’ve seen plenty posts about crowd levels being all over the place. Seems like it’s settling into a more steady stream now, but the summer months will be interesting I think.