Limit on total FP over multiple days?

This morning, while making FP for beginning of November, I got a message that our party had reached the maximum number of FP. I couldn’t make FP for one day in the November trip until I dropped one (luckily a throw away) from our 5 day October trip.

Has this happened to anyone else?

Do you have APs?

Yes, we have APs. And reservations for the whole trip.

Five days on-site with APs? I would call Disney IT. Is the system reading that your AP is expiring ? I know that does not make sense since it let you make it.

Are you offsite? It’s a maximum of 7 days in every 30 unless you’re onsite.

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We had this happen with some with AP in our group! They had a 3 day offsite trip planned in August and then our 8 day onsite trip in Sept/Oct. they were only able to book 10 days of FP so they ended up having to book the remaining after the August trip.

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Or unless you are me. I have never been able to book more 7 days even when staying on site. Disney IT hates me.:joy:

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What a surprise that Disney IT wouldn’t work! They completely messed up with APs. I get why there has to be a limit, because otherwise some people would book for every day. But especially if people are staying onsite, it should be much simpler.


Shocking, right? I even called but that didn’t help. Lesson learned–don’t book trips less than 30 days apart.

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At least like bump it up to 14-15 days. I hit this when I went in 2015 - I was staying for two weeks, one week with family, one week with friends. So I had 10 parks days. I just had to book my FP for the last 3 days as I used the first 3 days. (I had a Premier Passport that year… back when it cost less than the current WDW AP :P)

Do you have any other offsite days with FPs booked too?

For info, If you have offsite days with FPs booked within 30 days either side of an onsite stay, those offsite days count towards the 7 day limit and screws your onsite stay up for FPs.

So 4 days onsite but 4 days offsite within a month either side means only 7 days in total.

Also, are both the onsite stays within 30 days of each other? That totally screws up the two onsite stays.

I think this is a major disadvantage to APs, and causes no end of problems. So no, you are not the only one this happens to - although that is of little consolation.

Did you call the AP helpline? They should be able to help. The regular helpline cannot (usually) sort these kind of issues out.

Thanks everyone- I may try to call the AP number tomorrow.
We have two onsite stays (first one is 5 days in mid October, second is 3 days at the beginning of November). We’re going in conjunction with other events, so the timing can’t be helped. My problem is probably because I’m booking FP on our arrival and departure days as well.
I got it sorted well enough for now, just canceled the one FP for our first trip arrival day, which we probably wouldn’t have made anyway.