Lilo's Playhouse for 10 y.o

I’m looking for feedback from families whose 10-year-old kids have gone to Lilo’s Playhouse at the Poly. Did they enjoy it? What did they like about it?

DD has been to this kid’s club three times, soon to be four! Last time we went to WDW, she went there at nine and a half. This trip, DD wants to go again. She’ll be eleven and a half when she visits. Last time she was raving about how awesome the place was! She liked the dress up center, the movie area, the pirate area, and the arts and crafts area. She even thought the hand-washing station was cool! She said that the CMs were very nice. The one thing DD didn’t like was dinner there. She said that the shrimp dinner didn’t taste that great. DD recommends Lilo’s Playhouse! :grinning:

thanks for the feedback!