Likelihood of getting your room choice

I have set up the fax for choosing our room number and just wondered are they more likely to give you your choice if you have 1, booked through Disney directly 2, have upgraded to the DELUXE dining and 3, upgraded to the 3 week park ticket?

We are staying at Bay Lake Tower in a 1 bed villa with a bay lake view but have discovered that even numbers are better and that the low numbers (so 7910 or 7912) are better than a higher even number (7934).

So has anyone been lucky before?

Louise x

We usually get very close to our request at BLT. We used to get lucky at AKL, but not lately. I think the refurbishments going on right now are making it harder to get the room requests.

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I stayed in AKL-Jambo house and got both rooms I requested through this site. I went during a slow week which may have factored in, but I was pleasantly surprised!