Likelihood of both Water Parks opening this summer?

Hi everyone,

Since the reopening post the closures, only 1 Water Park has opened at a time. Has anyone heard anything about both water parks being open (as was typical during previous summers) for this summer? I have to change my already purchased Disney tickets to a later date. Since Disney won’t refund the price difference, I’m researching if it would be better to add a park day vs water park option (only a good value if I use 2 or more water park says).

I know that Disney’s official page hasn’t announced a reopening date for BB since it went down for the usual refurbishment but I wanted to check if anyone here has heard any related chatter.

I don’t believe they have enough lifeguards for both water parks. The two water parks and Stormalong Bay require guards with a special certification (over 5ft).


That’s what I was thinking was holding them back from opening both parks. Thank you for sharing your input.


Probably it unfortunately. You can just purchase a one day stand alone water park ticket.