Like any good Disney fan, I might have to try these


No. Not ever. Can’t stand Oreos.


But…“Ice cold milk and an Oreo Cookie. They forever go together, What a classic combination when a dark, delicious cookie meets an icy cold sensation, like the one and only creamy, crunchy, chocolate, O-R-E-O”

No, no. Their Jedi marketing tricks don’t work on me! :wink:

I generally avoid Oreos, but I’ll admit that once I start, they are like potato chips to me. Pretty soon I’ve dunked about 10 before any sense of guilt sets in!


I’m sorry, WHAT???


Really? They are soooooo good, especially the Double Stuff oreos. I just cannot imagine not liking them! :smile:


“…Keeps your milk from getting lonely…”

I usually buy the weird flavors and share them with the office but this isn’t different enough.

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They have Mickey on them. That’s enough! :wink:


@ryan1, @hcerar, and @Wahoohokie - no milk, no chocolate on anything but chocolate bars, no sugar. No, no, no. Too sweet.

Oreos were my favorite. I’m trying to cut back on the sugar. One hack I have found out about since I quit my oreo habit…using a fork, stab in the cream, and dunk in the milk. No more messy, cold fingers.


Well. I did it. Found them in our grocery store today and bought them. I just have to make sure my kids eat most of them.

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What is this obsession with dunking biscuits / cookies in milk? Yuck, they go soggy and the milk gets crumbs in it. And the milk drips all over the table and your fingers are covered in milk, which gets wiped on your clothes … or worse, you suck the milk off your fingers and then spread germs all over whatever you touch next.

Believe me, I am not a “spray everything with disinfectant” person, but the thought of fingers that have been in mouths then touching the door handles is enough to make me feel ill.

I will never understand this habit lol! :rofl::rofl:

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It is an art. Dip too long and they get soggy. Not long enough and it just drips. About 3-4 seconds for an Oreo is about right. But you have to eat the whole cookie in one go.

Homemade cookies you can dip varying amounts of time depending on the type.

Still yuck!

Anyway, the ads don’t show them eating it all at once. It shows the kids pulling the Oreo apart and then dipping and then licking it!

True. But there is no wrong way to eat an Oreo!

Just to report in. I ate one of these and while they are fine, the original Oreos are better. These are a little overly sweet.

FTFY lol!

I am not an Oreo fan.

But my argument stands for any type of biscuit or cookie. I like milk and 8 like cookies. And I like them together. But not by dipping the cookies into the milk.

That’s okay. I’ll still love you (um…brotherly love, not romantic love…just figured I’d clarify that!) if you don’t like Oreos. I imagine there are things you enjoy that I can’t stand. (Coffee? Tea, maybe? I hate both with a passion!)

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Liner love is the correct term, surely? :grinning:

I drink tea. And I have coffee when I go out, usually with cake… But I don’t drink it every day, maybe twice a week.

Nope. I’m an Oreo cookie addict and I can’t stop once I start. I will be staying far away from these.

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