Lightsaber photo ops

My Mom sent me this article this morning, because she adorably tries to help me plan my WDW trip. It’s very sweet.

So, the article is about Disneyland, but i’m assuming the same rules will apply at WDW. It seems that you can’t just take photos with your lightsaber anywhere in Batuu. Though, the article mentioned photo spots, so maybe there are designated spots around the Outpost that make for great lightsaber shots? I just want to make sure DH can get some cool photos with his lightsaber lit up in a nice Jedi pose. Anyone know more about this?

I have seen so many photos on social media of people posing in both the DLR & WDW versions of SWGE with their lightsabers. While this may be the policy, if you aren’t swinging it around like a lunatic or jerk you’ll probably be fine for a quick pic or two.



No. You can take a photo anywhere. People walk around with them lit up and everything.

There’s nothing preventing you from photography with your saber. It just “disrupts” the story that the Jedi are hidden on batuu.

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When we had our pictures taken in front of the MF by a Photo pass photographer, I was encouraged by her to pose with my light saber.


Awesome, thanks everyone! I can’t wait! :smiley: