Lights Motors Action Last Show

As luck would have it, we’ll be at WDW on April 2, which supposedly is the last day for LMA. Today we are in our 60 day window for FP+, and at 12:04 am EST the reservation system indicated that there were no FP available for LMA. When I search different WDW websites, I do not see any showtimes listed for LMA on the 2nd. Is that really the last day for that attraction? Is Disney perhaps not doing FP for the last day? I find it unusual that all of the FPs are gone already.

I don’t have any new info for you in regards to the last show, but just wanted to note, I’m bummed about the show ending. We get there on the 5th. My brother is joining us for 3 days, it’s been years since he’s been at Disney and I’m not sure he’s seen this show. he would have enjoyed it, as did I!

Knowing that it’s the last day, it will probably be more crowded than usual, so it actually doesn’t surprise me that all of the FPPs may be gone. OR that Disney may be intentionally NOT doing FPPs to “level the playing field” for everyone who wants to see it. I saw it once, and quite frankly I wouldn’t take the time out of my day to see it again - but it does have it’s fans.