Lightning McQueen Racing Academy update

WDW News Today posted some interesting images of what the LMRA theater will look like.

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I think that this will be cool!

Also, I feel like you and I are planning verrrry similar trips! :wink:

The kind of trip I’m planning has changed a lot recently. All 4 grandparents are now confirmed for joining us, SW:GE obviously, and I’ve also decided to run the W&D races for St. Jude. I’ll be posting an update sometime in the next few weeks with more info. I know how everyone here likes to stalk others’ planning process. Myself included, lol!


Understatement of the year! We are booked 10/19-10/26 with DS1 and DS4 and one set of grandparents. We’re going around and around with maybe changing dates now. As much as I would love to do SWGE, my kids are just too young. I had just really wanted to experience DHS with them and having to avoid this park just bums me out.