"Lightning Lane required!" message for World of Color?

I’m building a Touring Plan for the 1st week of May, and added World of Color into the plan (fingers crossed that the show will actually return by then!).
There’s a strange message when I attempt to Evaluate:

I’m able to Optimize, just not Evaluate. In the error, the use of the words “FASTPASS Kiosk” makes me think there is some old coding that’s causing all this.
I can work around the issue simply by deleting the World of Color step.
Posting it here in case oh computer overlords! want to take a looksy.
Hiya @len !


Interesting. In the before times you could get a FP for WoC, but it was separate from ride FPs and not on MP. I think Fantasmic was the same. But right now WoC isn’t even open is it? I wonder what that will look like when it comes back. No that any of this helps you with your touring plan issue. Also, even in the before times, you could still watch WoC without a FP just not from the reserved area.


Right, WoC isn’t showing yet. But hopefully soon…

Disney’s “Spring” timing is usually very loose, and sometimes even more Autumny than Springy.


I think that’s an artifact from the before times. We’ll get it fixed. Thanks @Patricioso !