Lightning Lane changes- paging overseas visitors

So Genie+ is changing to a FPP style pre booking system at 7 or 3 days- fine.

But for those of us from anywhere overseas we apparently cannot book until day of visit- or presumably until we arrive in the USA. This is so unreasonable I’m speechless. We can’t book enchanting extras unless we use a VPN, bad enough, can’t prepurchase MBs even with a VPN, unfair but not life changing.

But this one messes with what we can do in the parks.

Can we encourage as many of us as possible to email in to complain/ request a change in this situation please


Hopefully this will change. And good luck to any with overseas trips this July.


I have just said on another thread that I hope everyone will contact Disney but I didn’t give the email address. I will cross link them.



@hodg & @missoverexcited et al:
We are truly sorry (& a bit horrified) that each of you friends are being treated like this. No one needs More Hoops added to potential Jet Lag. Bad scene all around!


Sorry about this. It’s not fair.


Thanks both. It doesn’t really affect me with no trip in sight, but I feel terrible for everyone going later this year.


Not happy.

We’re going July25th, thru to mid August. First time family trip from the UK, costing crazy amounts of money. So Thanks a lot Disney. This news has killed the buzz, and added new stress of working out how to avoid queues in the hot sun. We had a strategy and now thats out the window it appears. Thanks again Disney for only giving us 4 weeks notice. We’re coming from the UK so cant even prebook…


I’m so sorry!! Good LLs should still be available later in your trip, and hopefully even for the first few days you’ll get some decent ones or at least be able to modify what you get to better ones.

Do email Disney and tell them how it has affected you. They need to know it’s not ok to do this.

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Argh! I just wrote a long email to Disney and then my phone wouldn’t send it and deleted it when I retried. I am even more frustrated now :joy:


I’m so sorry! The only silver lining I can think of is that it’s right when they turn it around so almost nobody will have been able to prebook. Actually, two. You’re probably already better prepared than most to deal with the IT madness that will ensue when they make the switch.






I retyped mine and resent it earlier too.


I’m going from the 27th so I understand your pain. The only consolation I can think of is that at least we’re only going to be a few days behind the US on booking as it only opens from 24th for everyone. People arriving at the start of August lose out on much more of a head start.

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There’s a petition to sign too posted on chat

Not sure if that’ll work.


Like @miss, we’re not going back until 2026, but that’s not the point!

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Petition signed and stroppy email sent :slight_smile:


How does Disney determine that you are an international visitor? Will using a VPN work? Can you get someone living in US to book the LLMP for an international visitor?

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We don’t think the VPN will work, location services for the app needs to show you’re in the US. Having a US friend book could very possibly work.


Thanks for reaching out. I should clarify that we are a split party - some arriving 25th July, myself+most fam 2nd August. So I guess I am even worse off in this case based on your reply?

Doing the maths on dates and who can book ahead, I think things will be saturated - it will be like the fast pass system prior to COVID. On the day, there will be little or no availability on anything popular (which is basically all of Tier1 at each park). I am guessing some people wont know until around the 24th that they NEED to book ahead, and then a mass number of people will start hammering it in those first days. But also - I am guessing not everyone will qualify for the 14days , as they stay less than that. Unless the 14days advance cap is based on the 14day ticket length not stay.

Either way - the more I read or find out about this , the worse it seems to get for international visitors.
In short, Disney have made foreigners second class customers. Its almost discriminatory (which legally, could be argued I think).