Light up Glow with the Show Mickey Hat....worth it? Is it too hot for dd9 to year it in June-it looks thick?

Thanks! Thinking I might try to buy one on ebay.

Looks like ebay prices are about the same as Disney prices anyway… about $28 with shipping. Seems like something people would sell when they get home since no one really wears the ears once they are home from their trip.

I think the consensus in a few chat discussions in the last year or two was they were kind of heavy and the ones who benefit from them were the people who could see them, not the wearer.

I saw a few around when there, but really not enough to be too impressive.

What @JJT said is what I recall. However I seem to vaguely recall that they have “new and improved” them since then and they get better reviews now. Still, I find them to pricey for what they are.