Light sabers, not make your own

Do they sell premade light sabers somewhere on site for a kid to buy? My son doesn’t want to spend $100 to make one, he just wants to buy something better than you get at Wal-mart.


One of the Star Wars shops at Disney Springs has build your own lightsabers that are nicer than the generic WalMart ones, my DS and his cousins made them, I believe his double bladed saber was around 40 bucks.

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What you’re describing sounds like what we also saw for sale at Tatooine Traders in Galaxy’s Edge. (We didn’t buy one, but bought tshirts and a couple of shoulder porgs there so I still had the receipt.)

We got a light saber this summer in HS that my son still loves–not in Galaxy’s Edge, but just outside of it, in the Star Wars gift shop right by the exit of Star Tours. It was $32, lights up and makes the cool light saber sounds.

Oops, you’re right. That’s Tatooine Traders.

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Yep, that’s it! The less expensive light saber is great (not heavy to carry or worry about if it breaks) and comes in diff. colors.


Thank you all! 2 more days to go!!!


In addition to the toy lightsabers which are $20-40, they also sell functioning “legacy” sabers which are made of metal and are similar to the custom ones. These start around $120 at Dok Ondars (blades sold seperately)