Light dinner MK?

Can anyone recommend a good place to get a light dinner at MK? Preferably not fried:)

I’d probably go to Columbia Harbor House. I haven’t been, but I think Pecos Bills is somewhat modeled in Chipotle; there may be non-fried options there - although I cannot comment on how good the food may or may not be.

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I can comment on the quality of the food. We were there last December and the food at Pecos Bill’s was almost inedible and expensive. You would be better served eating elsewhere. I really enjoy The Plaza Restaurant. The last time I was there they had a wonderful club sandwich.

I second Columbia Harbor House! It was one of our favorites when we were there.

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Columbia Harbor House also gets my vote, but there are a lot of fried options. I do believe they have a grilled salmon and broccoli entree that’s pretty good, if memory serves me correctly.