Liberty Tree Tavern

We are going to WDW in September. Currently have ADR for Liberty Tree for 7:15pm. Thinking of changing it to Lunch at 12:45. Is this a good option to be able to have a good view of the parade at 2pm?

You can’t really see out the windows to the parade from inside; however, I think already being in Frontierland before the parade starts is a great idea!

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Yes, our goal is to be done eating and walk out to see the parade.

12:45 seems a bit late, if you want to be done in time to watch the parade at 2pm. Trying to find somewhere 15 minutes before will be tough. I would make it earlier, and allow 90 minutes to eat and then 30 minutes to find a viewing spot.

We had the same plan - eat, then head outside just in time for the parade. Our CM told us to just relax. They are well aware of the parade schedule and she would let us know when it was time to go out and watch the parade. Then we could return to our table and finish our meal. We had no trouble seeing the parade without camping out 30 minutes in advance. We were there in June.


When we watched the parade from that area last fall we were able to find an open area (without pushing by anyone, really was an open stretch) after the parade had started. I’m bummed we missed the beginning (maleficent!) but it was nice to not have waited and walk up to see it. I think we were there on a lower CL day which I’m sure lent to our luck.

Nah. I almost never show up earlier than that for Frontierland viewing and I always get a spot that’s plenty great for watching from!

ETA but I do think 12:45 is a bit late in case of the restaurant running behind and potential for any other delays. I’d go earlier if you could.

Unless something recently changed the parade a couple weeks ago was at 3:00…

During party season last year (starting mid Aug) the parade was moved to 2pm.

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It does go to 2pm in holiday time, presumably because of early closing and to relieve traffic at gates at 4pm when partygoers arrive

ah, my bad. I didn’t put 2 and 2 together that this was during party times.