Liberty Tree Tavern Vs. Be Our Guest

We (Just my wife and I, no kiddos) are going to WDW in the fall and had our list of restaurants all laid out. However, our travel agent, who just got back from Disney, saw it and suggested that we replace Liberty Tree Tavern with Be Our Guest. My wife went to Liberty Tree Tavern ten years ago when she was12 and loved it (this is my first time at Disney). We just don’t know what to do here. I prefer the look of the food at LTT, but I know they both have a great menu. Our agent wasn’t being pushy or anything, but we are having a hard time weighing the options. LTT is actually rated a little higher than BOG on the Touringplans website, but everyone keeps saying that Be Our Guest is a must do. Help!

BOG for breakfast or lunch (QS) and LTT for dinner (TS) would be my suggestion. This is what my husband and I did last fall on our visit!

Is it lunch or dinner? I think LTT is much better at lunch. BOG at dinner is a special event- dinner in Beast’s Castle.

So I haven’t been yet, but my husband and I are going in June. We decided to do BOG for QS. We are going for breakfast as a way to get early entry and then I’m going later in the day for lunch so I can spend time looking around the castle (my husband will be playing golf). I definitely didn’t want to miss out on seeing the castle as it is supposed to be incredibly well done, and I do love beauty and the Beast,

However, we decided against it for dinner because we had heard the food was only okay and it was more about the experience of the beast and his castle. To us that sounded more like families than a couples place. As we are more interested in a date night feel, we opted to do a restaurant outside of the park at one of the MK resorts and then return for the fireworks.

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Which resort dining do you recommend for a couples only dinner?

So we haven’t been to any of these yet, but after lots of research I have a three way tie between Citrico’s and Narcoossee’s at the Grand Floridian and California Grill at the Contemporary. Have asked for opinions from many on forums, on Facebook, on travel sites… difficult to get people to rank one over the other. Strong opinions seem to be based on very personal tastes and experiences. All are signature dining options, so a bit pricier, but for us it is our nice night out - so it works.

I liked those two resorts both because I’ve always wanted to see them, and they are on the monorail so very easy to commute to and from MK for dinner. They both have multiple restaurant options too, Right now we have a 6:45 reservation at Citrico’s and a 9:00 reservation at California Grill. Just waiting for the Happily Ever After fireworks show to debut so I can read some reviews and decide if we will return to MK to watch it from the park after dinner at the Grand Floridian or if we will watch from the top of the Contemporary just before dinner at California Grill.

We also looked at Ohana and Kona at the Polynesian. Both looked very good, but I’m not much of a meat eater - so that took out Ohana, and we decided to do Kona for breakfast one morning. Have heard great things about dinner a Kona, though.

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Wife here. This would be a dinner reservation for our first night at the MK. Our other two MK days involve lunch at the Crystal Palace and leaving to go to Ohana. We have flexibility to do lunch at BOG on another day, but not LTT since we are on the Dining Plan and we wouldn’t have enough Table Credits. We like the idea of LTT for dinner since it has the family style dining.

Lunch will give you the experience of BOG and it is a good QS credit. To me the best thing at LTT is the Toffee cake but That has only been at lunch? There may be reports in the last week that they have been saying yes to orders for it at night?

Why do I wake up thinking of these things (Nevermind- it is because I am crazy :grinning:) lunch has the family style meal too at Liberty Tree. I know this combo of credits works for you but lunch may work better in your plan and look- there is that amazing dessert!

We tried BOG for lunch in 2015. Although this might be an unpopular comment here, to us, it felt like a fancy (but dark) cafeteria. Nothing special and not worth all of the hype. We are going to give it another try this June for dinner. Hope it’s a better experience. For what it’s worth, we love LTT, for either lunch or dinner! But we usually choose lunch because of the varied menu and the desserts!


Actually, I agree. The setting is quite nice (it does need to be seen at least once), but the food was no better than any QS sandwich I’ve had; it actually kind of reminded me of the pre-made sandwiches you get wrapped in plastic at a convenience store… LTT lunch is probably my favorite meal in the MK, so for lunch, it would be a “no-brainer” for me. I haven’t had dinner at either, but I would be inclined to go to BOG as there is more of a menu choice (and beer and wine) and a roast turkey dinner at LTT is not something I necessarily want in WDW.

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The “top choice”, if you’re “foodies” is V&A. Very expensive, but amazing food and service.

Of the “regular signatures”, I think Monsieur Paul (EP) and Jiko (AKL) have the best food, and are probably the most “romantic” settings (a little smaller, quieter, and fewer kids). Best overall experience has to go to California Grill (CR); still excellent food and service, with the added benefit of great views and fireworks. I would rate the food at Citrico’s to be on an even par with CG; a more “formal” setting, but not as good a view of the fireworks.

Tiffins in AK (perhaps with an ROL package) has been getting universally outstanding reviews, but I haven’t had a chance to try it yet.


We decided to stick with our original plan and do LTT that night. But we will do lunch at BOG another day so we can see the castle, etc. Thanks for weighing in!


sighhhhh one day I’ll get to go to Victoria & Albert’s. Good to hear you equating citrico’s food with cali grill. Still agonizing between CG, Citrico’s and Narcoossee’s.

@thetroninator sounds like a plan! If you second guess, just do what I’m doing and remind yourself that it’s Disney - you’re going to have a good time almost anywhere you go :slight_smile:

You can also make the ADR for BOG, then just have dessert, if you didn’t want to spend the time or money for a meal. You’d still get the chance to go in and wander around all 3 rooms.

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