Liberty Tree Tavern or Down grade to a Quick Service meal?

I have never been to Liberty Tree Tavern.

I’m worried my picky eater wont eat. Ohana very easily provided hotdogs/chicken tenders in place of their standard family style offerings. Will Liberty Tree Tavern do the same?

Here’s the kids menu for Liberty Tree Tavern. No nuggets or hot dogs, but there is spaghetti and mac & cheese.

I should have clarified - we are there for dinner. There is no a la carte dinner entrees, and no children’s menu provided for dinner. Dinner is AYCE Family Style.

Are you saying that they will offer these items at Dinner for a picky child?

I can’t speak to whether they will provide an alternative for a picky eater, but I will say that all 3 of us have loved the food at Liberty Tree Tavern. It has become a tradition for us to eat dinner there on arrival night.

My daughter was 5 and 7 the times we ate there. It is a very traditional meal, like most Americans would eat at home (meat, mashed potatoes and gravy, veggie). Nothing too gourmet to scare off picky eaters. Very delicious! They bring you a plate of 3 different meats (turkey, beef and I think pork) and you can ask for more of any or all of them. My daughter couldn’t get enough of it!

I love LTT, but I wouldn’t go for dinner. The reason we go for lunch is to have a cool, sit-down meal and for the ooey gooey toffee cake, which they serve only at lunch.

We have picky eaters too. I have finally come to the conclusion - as the financier and planner - I am going to go to a place I WANT (within reason). You can’t find anything (not because of allergies - but because you are picky) tough. They have bread - you can have toast.

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My picky eater won’t eat mashed potatoes and most cooked veggies. She does eat some raw veggies.
It’s so very frustrating. She didn’t start out this way. She used to be a great eater. Then she turned 3. It just seems like $20+ for a kid to eat a meat sandwich is a bit absurd.

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