Liberty tree or Plaza for dinner

I am going on a solo trip (16 days!!!)
Debating between Plaza & Liberty tree for dinner. I may not stay for fireworks that night, I made a reservation at Plaza thinking that it would be good to be at the front of the park at that time.
Now I am wondering if I would like Liberty tree better?

I’d do Liberty Tree. Plaza is not bad but is really nothing special. More expensive but otherwise the same as ice cream restaurants at home (such as Friendly’s or Blake’s or similar)

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Second LT. This was my families FAVORITE restaurant “back in the day” (mid 80s to late 90s). I haven’t personally been since, but everything I read seems to indicate its kept its awesome status.
My Mom would make us eat lunch AND dinner there, and if you knew my Mom, that was saying something :slight_smile:

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I switched my reservation!
I am glad I know enough to try different things.
I got no tables available for all of dinner on my night - as 1 person,
Tried 2, got something close to what I wanted.
When I did a party of 4 - I could get something almost any time for dinner.
So I booked that, then modified it and was able to change to a party of 2 at the time I wanted.
Do you think that a lot of people know that you need to play with the system?


A lot? Maybe.

Most? Absolutely not.


Agreed. Kinda not cool you have to game the system.


People think that I am magical because I have been able to get all the dining & FPP reservations I want and while I am happy to let them continue to believe that :nerd_face: Putting in a little time up front does go a long way!


You ARE magical!


Do you like milkshakes? I dine at the Plaza every so often just as an excuse to have one of their milkshakes!

Could you get a milkshake at the takeout?

The milkshakes were one of the things that made me want to eat there, and that I was near the hub so that I could either leave or stay for the fireworks easily.
But . . . I am pretty sure I will be going again in Dec & since my BF is a Vegetarian this is probably one of my only chances to go to LT :slight_smile: and I can go to Plaza in Dec :ice_cream:

Do they have takeout at the Plaza? I did not know that. It’s still a pretty big milkshake (and I’m pretty sure they leave the tin it’s made it to top off your glass while you’re there), so I’d have to sit down somewhere to drink it. Might as well eat something while I’m drinking it!

I think that you can get one in the Plaza ice cream shop next door

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Thins is what I’m referring to

I hadn’t seen milkshakes on the menu at the ice cream parlor, but may not have looked closely enough

Have just reviewed. Milkshakes are not on the menu! Craziness!

:frowning: I’m willing to do research about alternative ways to obtain Plaza milkshakes, but don’t have any trips imminent, so I’ll be eager to here if anyone finds a way to get them without a meal. In the meantime, I’ll still eat there every few years, when I’ve worked off the previous milkshake!