Liberty (or give me death) Tree Tavern

I wanted to know if anyone has had lunch here and what you liked or disliked. We had dinner here last year and loved it, so back again this year but for lunch and did not want to do the all you care to enjoy meal.

We love Liberty Tree Tavern. We have had two stellar dinners there and one dinner that was a bit disappointing. I’ve eaten there three times for lunch and really enjoyed it. I always get the salad for my entree so I can enjoy the Ooey Gooey Cake with less guilt!


We go to Liberty Tree for lunch every trip. I always get the Colony Salad, it is so good and feels healthy and light. My son is partial to the bacon cheeseburger and my daughter usually gets the clam chowder from the appetizer menu.


I absolutely loved the pot roast, I can’t remember what DH and DS had.

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I agree- Colony Salad and Ooey gooey toffee cake!

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I enjoy lunch there. I have no interest in dinner.

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We love LTT for lunch because those who want the Patriots Platter can still get it, but there are other choices for those who don’t, and we always get dessert! We usually ride as much as possible in the morning, and do a late lunch, to avoid the afternoon heat and storms in the summer.


Following— I wanted to eat there but DH wasn’t into the dinner menu… so lunch has burgers and stuff??

Again following along for future trip!

Yes it does.

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Here is the link for the menu:

Thank you! Looks great

I got a burger there and was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it. It was juicy and seemed nice and fresh.
I was actually really disappointed by the oeey gooey toffee cake dessert. It was why I had booked the place and it just din’t taste all that great.

Heresy!! On the other hand, I’ll happily eat your portion for you.

Went for lunch, everything was outstanding, especially the colony salad and the ooey goey toffee cake, which was big enough to share.