LF - Art of Animation trading pin help


Normally I wouldn't bother posting anything on the boards like this but I have a 4 year old who's pretty upset about her pin collection.

Is there anyone here who is going to stay at Art of Animation anytime soon and would be willing to purchase an Art of Animation pin for my daughter and post/mail to Australia? I'd obviously be willing to pick up all charges + some time wastage funds, it's just she had one to say that's where she stayed but we have been unable to find it since returning to oz and I've checked eBay and online places and can't find a generic or 2017 one for this resort.

We managed to keep a hold of and find the the Wilderness Lodge and Animal Kingdom lodge pins we got but she's a little distraught at not having anything for Art of Animation.


I'll be at Pop Century in August- I'd be happy to go to AoA to grab her one if you haven't received one by then.



That would be awesome if that's a possibility! I'll leave the post up and see if anyone is there sooner/now that would be able to help, but at a pinch I'd be very grateful :smiley: