Level 8-9 crowds

Levels for my trip dates range 7 - 9.

What will it be like to get around the park? Is it a constant shuffling of feet? Rarely seeing open space?

Is it difficult to eat counter service meals and buy snacks?

We will have UExp, so ride lines should be manageable. My daughter is worried that a crowd level of nine will be like Main Street right after the fireworks, but all the time, all over the whole park.

Nope! Not even close. We go to Universal most years, and always during busy times (Thanksgiving, Easter). A 9 at Universal is like a 5 at WDW, they just don’t have the same amount of people, plus the amount of strollers are minimal as it is not really a kid focused place. We have never had trouble getting around like we do at Magic Kingdom. I would recommend you only visit the Harry Potter areas in the morning or evening though, they can get really crowded mid-day. We like to go to early entry and get the HP area done early, then get out and into the rest of the park. The evenings can be great in those areas as well.
Plan to eat early or late for counter services if you want the shortest lines. We usually eat lunch as soon as a place opens, like 11am. After 8am early entry, this works perfectly. Enjoy your trip! With express passes, a busy day there becomes easy. You can do so much in 3-4 hours compared to Disney with express, you will love it!


Thanks for your response. It’s what I was hoping to here. I have trips booked at both Universal and WDW…but I think I just need a break from the Disney crowds. It sucks the fun out it.


You are welcome!

As @Wahoohokie said a 7-9 at USF and IOA is not the same as a 7-9 at MK. There are fewer strollers, more open walkways, better crowd flow, and higher capacity attractions.

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