🚨 Level 5 Emergency: UOR touring plan crisis

As you all know, I’m going to UOR for two full days in the parks in December. We will have EPs and are staying on-property.

I had put together a touring plan based on last year’s opening hours, but the hours that have just been published have blown the whole thing apart.

Both parks are (allegedly: I think they’re lying) open from 9am to 7pm. Early Entry is only available at IOA both days.

Now, I know with EPs you don’t really need to plan, but I’m trying to tell a story here. I want there to be a logical flow to the WWOHP elements of the trip, and I want to squeeze in particular restaurant reservations. Then there’s the complication of neither Hagrid’s nor VC having EP.

Must dos:

Hogwarts Express (both ways?)
Hogsmeade exploring
Diagon Alley exploring


Jimmy Fallon or Minions
F&F (shut up, Anty likes cars)

Three Broomsticks breakfast
Toothsome lunch
Big Fire dinner
Hard Rock breakfast (?)
Mythos lunch (?)

Other considerations: On Day 1 we have the Christmas tour at 6pm till after close. On Day 2 I want to do the Macy’s parade at 5.30pm.

I’m reluctant to do EE to IOA both days because of breakfast. We can do it one day and have Three Broomsticks. But the other day we can’t do that again, which is where Hard Rock Café breakfast comes in as an idea. I have a reservation at 8am currently. That means we’d miss EE, of course. But I’d like to do HRC because I think my boys will like it as a venue.

Logically, I’d start at Diagon Alley, then take the HE to Hogsmeade and the Castle, which is vaguely what Harry did. But that doesn’t take advantage of EE.

Wait. I have an idea.

Day 1 EE to IOA just for VC, then scoot back out to HRC for breakfast. Then to Diagon Alley, followed by HE to Hogsmeade, then general IOA stuff.

Day 2 EE to IOA for Hagrid’s, then breakfast at Three Broomsticks, followed by HE to London and general UOR stuff.


Although I am pre-banned from this thread (is that like TSA pre-check?), I have a question: where do these days fall in your trip? IIRC two of your traveling party haven’t been abroad much so you may have to pad your schedule based on the potential for jet lag. Also, do they know that they must follow your orders, um, plan?


Days 1 and 2

I am very clear. Everyone can do whatever the hell they want. They paid for it. It’s their vacation. But there is a recommended plan.


Jet lag tends not to be an issue flying from the UK to the US. Your travel day just ends up being a very long day, but with minimal activity and sleep on the plane. I usually wake up early US time on the first full day, which corresponds to a lie-in UK time.

The good thing about UOR closing early each night is that if people are tired they can go to bed early. Except that on Day 1 we have the Holiday Tour thing, which ends at around 10.30pm, which is still not so late, I suppose.


My question (I don’t have an answer) is what the service pace is at HRC for breakfast.

I have not been to a Hard Rock Cafe in six years, but in the past my experience has always been they have very slow service. That might be fine for you though.

Just a thought. Maybe someone can comment.


It’s very likely I will be banned before we hit the 50 post mark.

Perhaps I can pad my infraction slightly by reminding him that he will be going right by a Starbucks on his way out of IOA and over to HRC.


What are the exact dates for considering crowd levels, VC, Hagrid’s, at RD?

12th and 13th


Under the all-new schedule, we will not be in a rush for breakfast. And there’s lots to look at there. As you say, they may be more efficient (or, I guess, not) at breakfast.

I had not thought of that and it does get you one free pass. We can get walking Frappuccino’s on our way to breakfast.


Here are historical waits from a similar predicted crowd level for your dates.

You probably already have experience with this, but it’s important to note that on lower crowd level days if you’re not at the very front of the rope drop crowd for Hagrid’s you may as well have patience and just wait til late morning or afternoon.

Also you probably don’t have to RD VC at all, unless you want to just because. Waits should be on the lower side all day. Something to think about for your Day 1 plan.


I have never found it necessary to rush to VC. For one thing, fewer people are brave enough to ride it, so it rarely gets too long a line. For another, I need half an hour or so to psych myself up for it. :joy: And lastly, it’s not the type of ride I should be riding first thing on an empty stomach.


Two words:
Stop at Starbucks

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I agree. When we went to DC 3 years ago we made the mistake of going to HRC for dinner.

The food was good, but the service was incredibly slow. Appallingly so to be honest. It wasn’t the server’s fault, it was the kitchen where the problem lay. So we still tipped but complained to the manager, who comped us desert and one round of drinks.

I wouldn’t be riding it anyway, but sounds to me like it would be better to ride on an empty stomach than a full one. :thinking:


That’s three words. :wink:


Thank you, I was going to say that! :rofl:


Great minds and all!

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I, like many people, get more quesy on an empty stomach than a full one. But that doesn’t mean I would eat a chili dog right before riding! :nauseated_face: (metaphorically speaking – I don’t like chili dogs any time. :rofl:)


Two words:

Voodoo Donuts


I’ll check with the commander in chief and get back to you. :smirk::wink:

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