Letting Tier 2 FP Windows just expire?

I am looking for a definitive answer here… @AuntB_luvsDisney , we had a converstion back in July 2016 (I am an old-timer) where we determined that you could in fact just let Tier 2 FP windows expire and still go for a 4th after all pre-selected FP’s had either been used or expired. I swear I have just let some expire on our last few trips. The debate has resurfaced, and my current plans now depend on being able to let them expire. Does anyone have recent experience with this?

Now days if you are not physically in the park when they expire, they sometimes don’t fall off. It is inconsistent. Best bet is if they don’t fall off, then book something to tap and run. It’s faster to tap and run anyway. You can easily get them both done in less than 1 hr by moving up the times as soon as you scan.


Darn, I booked Tier 2’s before our arrival at the parks on some days. Bummer…:frowning_face:

I need a memory refresh. Can I just book (pre-select) a Tier 1 and no Tier 2’s, then after using my Tier 1 get another Tier 1 in the same park, or will the system force me to select 2 Tier 2’s before I can book another Tier 1?

It will force you.


I had trouble with this on my last trip. Our flight was late getting in, so my tier 2s in AK expired before we got over there. They did not drop off and I had to visit guest relations to try and get it resolved so I could book more.

Honestly you can rebook the tier 2, tap, and run faster than a trip to guest services. AK—(ITTBAB or one of the shows are good choices. HS muppets, little mermaid, jr dance party are all good choices. EP Journey, nemo, SE, Pixar are good choices.


It wouldn’t even let me modify the expired ones to tap and run. It was maybe an isolated incident. I was just stuck. (I prefer the tap and run method as well)

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Today at HS unused FP just disappeared. I haven’t tried to see if they can still be used as they could in the past, (at the CM’s discretion of course) but I suspect they cannot. I’m also curious to see if they would count towards the 2 tier 2s or not if you’re in the park.

Seems like a lot of loopholes are being closed lately.

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