Letting family use my FPP

I can’t ride some of the Disney headliners due to spine problems- among them a ruptured disc I got on the Drop Zone at CA Great America. Believe the ride warnings, boys and girls… :roll_eyes:

Anyway, I can’t remember if I need a magic band on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority. This is what I always do when the family rides Space Mountain. I wanted to give the FP to one of my kids, maybe make the three of them compete for it, King Lear style…Which of you shall we say doth love us most?
That we our largest bounty may extend :rofl:

This issue will come up several times on our trip, but I just can’t remember how the non-FP rides work. Thanks!

Edit: I think I worked it out for myself- we’ll just switch bands after he/she uses their Space Mtn. FP. Is there any reason why this wouldn’t work as long as the FP is still in the window?

As long as you are all in the park together, it should work fine. My parents did not want to ride EE, so my son & I swapped bands with them & rode again immediately after exiting.

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May I suggest dueling for the MB?? :rofl::joy::rofl:
Edit to add: medieval weapons optional.


Well, being in Tomorrowland, maybe they should use lightsabers! :smile:

Did they go ride something else? I was hoping to somehow give it away in advance so I could go off by myself but I don’t think that is possible. I have to have a magic band to get on any ride, right?

No band needed to ride standby or rides without FPP. Just think of all the people who use tickets without a Magic Band. Scanning bands or tickets are only needed to ride with FPP.


How about Tron deadly discs???

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Well, I do need survivors to use my BTMRR and RnR fast passes. We can’t let those go to waste!

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Yes. They went to a show, stand-by.

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Ok that’s what I was remembering, it would work better for me that way. But I haven’t been in a while and wanted to be prepared. Thanks!