Let's talk Weather in May

I’ve never been in the month of May - I’ve checked out historical weather for this time of year but I’m wondering if someone can please clarify for me how hot/humid it can get.

I’ve been in June (yikes) and in September (holy moly) but I was wondering if someone could tell me how bad May can get?

My travel dates are April 30 - May 9th.

we were there the 1st week of may last year. it was pretty hot and humid. high 80’s to low 90’s but I think that was a little unseasonably warm.

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Thanks for the info! So you think one sweater will do me or do I even need one for the evenings?

hard to say…I guess I would take one jacket or light sweater in case you need it

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I went in May a couple of years ago. It was hot, but not terribly humid. Highs were in the high 80s - low 90s. I didn’t wear a sweatshirt at all. I packed a black long-sleeved tee in my park bag and would throw that on when I needed it. I needed it much more in air conditioned buildings and attractions than I ever did outside.

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Great info :slight_smile: I’m more concerned about humidity…I know that it’s hard to predict what the weather is going to be like but I just want a general idea of the typical weather for that time of year. We went once at the end of September and early October and I was shocked at how humid it was.

I’m preparing my brain for “hotter than the surface of the sun” and then I’ll be ok :wink:

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That’s when I’m going this year. I am not at all looking forward to the humidity.

Yikes! :musical_score: “Be prepared” :musical_score:

I don’t know if you have one already - but I bought a little hand fan in the China pavilion at Epcot and it was a life saver!!! I’m bringing it on this trip :slight_smile:

I love the fan too - one of the super sweet CM’s wrote my name in Chinese on it! :heart:

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I’ll definitely bring a fan! I’m also already thinking about how I’m going to stay hydrated, and planning to bring my asthma meds. I don’t think I’ve ever been to Florida at that time of year. It’ll be interesting!

We bought the Brita personal water purifier bottles and brought them on our Sept/Oct trip - That was invaluable! Our trip last month we ended up ordering from Garden Grocer - the flats of water was a great price comparatively!

I don’t have asthma but I find that the air quality in Florida is great - well I guess compared to where we live :open_mouth: . Is humidity a trigger for asthma?

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The combination of heat and humidity can lead to more dust mites and other allergens and make it worse. Any major weather fluctuations can mess with asthma, unfortunately. Right now the cold in my part of the world is triggering it. in September, it’ll be the heat and humidity. You learn to deal. No other choice.

I really hope your vacation will be free of any real medical issues. :heart:

Thanks! I’ve had asthma since I was born, I know how to manage it pretty well. Last trip I ended up in the ER the day before I left (my roommate’s cat got into my room and decided to sleep near my face, I woke up because I couldn’t really breathe), and still had an absolute blast. This should be more of the same, despite the weather. :smiley:

Yikes! Bad Kitty!

Before I was married I had two roommates that had severe asthma - at the time we didn’t know but apparently there were some water issues/mold that aggravated it! One terrible situation where one of my roommates came to me in the middle of the night with blue lips - yikes!!! I rushed that girl to the hospital and sat while she was hooked up to a nebulizer. Thank God for medicine!!

We are also going in May. I am not sure I’m ready for the heat (we went in Dec. '14 and were spoiled by perfect weather). I am trying to decide whether or not to heat our pool at our condo in May. Leaning towards no for now.

For me it’s the humidity - that just saps me of all energy! Are you going at the beginning of May?

I went the first weekend in May last year. I think Ineeded a light sweater late at night.

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I’ve been in early September 3 times and once in May. I remember feeling in September like we HAD to go swimming or we would die but in May, it was nice and warm but I didn’t feel like swimming was a necessity. I think we laid out by the pool a few times but the heat and humidity was nothing compared to our September trips. I’m also going in May and looking forward to 80 degree heat vs 95.

OH!!! @swasyluk I think you just made my day!!! Let’s hope I have your experience :smiley:

I was there once on Memorial weekend. It was 90’s but not as humid when I was at Labor week.

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