Let's talk about the Hall of Presidents

What exactly goes on at HOP? Is it some kind of movie and then a bit of animatronics? Is it just two presidents who speak? Might someone be traumatised by the role of the 45th president?

Is it a must-see?

asking for a friend

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I’ve enjoyed it in the past, I’m skipping it when we visit next month.


umm - I was - but YMMV
in my opinion not a must see - but a nice air conditioned stop on a hot afternoon

It’s now known as HOB

Did you miss all the hubbub?

It’s an animatronic representation of the history of the Presidency. Used to be an okay show, classic though so must see in that regard. Have not seen since 45 tho. I will say Pete Werner finally went in recently and didn’t hate it even with the ghastly addition. That speaks to me. Pete is a harsh critic. And a proud gay man.


So it’s a stage with animatronic figures of all the Presidents.

A narration that introduces them all, with a bit of history, and the current President delivers a speech.

It’s interesting to do, and has a couple of bonus points - it’s air conditioned and has seats.

And afterwards you can see a different take on American history outside, with the Muppets!


Hmm. I’ve had a look at a video online.

My, er, friend doesn’t have a particularly positive view of the American presidency at the moment. Perhaps he watches too much Bill Maher.

I think he might be triggered. I’ll recommend he gives it a miss.


I’ve enjoyed it in the past, but think Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln is better. I’ve been known to find that theater a bit dusty.

We’ll be skipping it this trip.


Your friend should check out Stephen Colbert. I find him quite charming and intelligent with a lot of good stuff to say.

For someone with a more familiar sound perhaps (s)he would enjoy John Oliver


I understand he listens to John Oliver’s programme. It doesn’t necessarily make him love America more.


Aww! I was just getting to the good part. :confused:

Hmm. I had it on my short list of MK things to see. I’m not sure why. Maybe because it is a classic and it was closed for refurb-add in the 45th- our last visit (Splash was closed too so can’t wait to try that one!) But my family is in the persuasion of Bill Maher, Stephen Colbert, etc. is the current president’s speech long? I thought all of the presidents talked?


Trump’s HOP speech (which, I think was written for him).

Don’t stop on my account. I have no issue with anything said. I was working on revising what I was going to contribute and hit the wrong button. No biggie.
In more concise format, I’d like to think I have the same appreciation for the attraction regardless of which figure has the largest speaking part, but it may have been an extra distraction. In normal times, we should all love this attraction regardless of who that is. But just like so many other things currently, it can be viewed with a different lens more than it usually would. That’s all, if that makes sense.


Makes perfect sense. Is that you Pete???

Speaking solely on the artistic merits of the show and not the associated politics, it is one of the most sophisticated, if subtle, uses of animatronics in the park. When WDW first opened, and MK was the only park, this was one of the top headliners and often had waits of 2 hours or more. Is it thrilling or exciting? No, not really. Is it educational? Somewhat. But is it a classic that has been running since opening day? Yes. And it’s air conditioned, and given your choice of months in which to visit, that may be it’s biggest selling feature.

Also speaking from an artistic only perspective, the “likeness” of the current President is truly horrible. Some folks on other forums have pointed out that if you changed the hair and makeup, it actually looks more like Hillary than Donald. Maybe the Disney Imagineers were making an assumption that many were making…


We saw it again in May after the addition of 45. Although I wasn’t really looking forward to that part, I do not remember being traumatized (and I typically am traumatized on a daily basis due to 45 anyway). If you haven’t seen it and have time, it is classic, enjoyable, and air-conditioned and in our case, not in the rain.


I’ve watched the entire “new” show on YouTube, and Trump’s mini-speech at the end is so generic that someone would really have to work hard to find it “offensive”. It would not keep me away from going to see an old favorite.


Pete is a “good fella” he’s a good Jersey boy like me (with one difference you mentioned)

I agree. That was exactly my point. :slight_smile: